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  June 14, 2024
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- Stem Cells Key To Sperm Production
Researchers report the first discovery of a protein expressed within germline stem cells that allows them to proliferate and renew themselves, a process essential to maintain a supply of sperm.
- Taming Transposons
Research shows how retrotransposons might 'fine tune' the genome by modulating the expression of bona fide genes, and also how they might be harnessed to make useful additions to the biotechnological toolkit.
- Sperm Donations
Human sperm also provide the female sex cell with paternal messenger RNAs.
- Biochip Technology to Revolutionise the Pharmaceutical Industry
Biotechnology Industry Impact Service
- Scientists Confirm New Breast Cancer Gene
Inheriting the wrong version of a gene called CHEK2 doubles a woman's risk of developing breast cancer.
- Researchers Discover Protein That Dissolves Amyloid Fibers
The research by a team at Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research reports on a natural biological process by which yeast cells dismantle amyloid fibers.
- Howard Hughes Medical Institute Seeks up to 50 New Scientists
The Institute is looking for candidates from the full range of biological and biomedical inquiry who demonstrate exceptional promise early in their careers as independent researchers.
- Surprising 'Ultra-conserved' Regions Discovered In Human Genome
By scanning the human, rat, and mouse genomes for matching regions of 200 or more DNA bases, the researchers found 481 regions that were completely unchanged.
- Scientists uncover how the brain retrieves and stores older memories
New insights into the involvement of the anterior cingulate cortex in remote contextual fear memory
- The role of cancer-causing mutations in BRCA1
Two structural studies reveal how such mutations can affect the function of BRCA1, leading to cancer.
- Insulin factories produced by self replication
Insulin-producing beta-cells can proliferate by making more of themselves, according to a study, which counters the prevailing hypothesis on beta-cell production, and may aid the development of new treatments for type I diabetes.
- Genetic trigger for heart attack
A single base mutation in a key gene may affect an individual's susceptibility to heart attack.
- DNA computers could control gene expression
Researchers have made a tiny molecular-scale computer that can analyse biological information in a test tube and respond appropriately.
- Tracking cancer treatments
A new way of studying the action of a breast-cancer drug in the body promises to facilitate the design of molecular-targeted therapies.
- Enhancing incorporation of stem cells
Research shows that bone marrow stem cells from mice, missing a gene known to inhibit cell division, can overcome the hurdle of inducing efficient repopulation of target tissues by stem cells.
- New insights into male infertility
A protein important for defence against pathogens may also be required for sperm maturation, suggesting a possible common basis for some sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and infertility.
- Raising The Dead
Resurrecting ancient genes is now allowing scientists to peer into the genetic causes of primeval evolutionary processes.
- Should Healthy People Take Mind-Boosting Drugs?
Is it safe, fair and morally acceptable to use drugs originally created for mental dysfunctions to improve the minds of normal, healthy people? The time to answer these social and ethical questions is now, says a group of leading neuroscientists.
- Understanding HIV Drug Resistance
A study reports two related structures of reverse transcriptase (RT) with bound tenofovir. The results explain the unusually low resistance of HIV to tenofovir.
- Harnessing The Activity Of A Detox Enzyme
Researchers have determined the structure of an enzyme that inactivates the nerve agent sarin and related toxic molecules.
- Noticing The Mistakes Of Others
The same brain region is active both when people make errors and when they watch other people making errors.
- Tan, Then Transplant
A dose of ultraviolet (UV) radiation staves off graft vs. host disease (GVHD) after a bone marrow transplant.
- Suppressing The Bad
Autoimmunity is normally prevented in most people, possibly because of a population of CD8 suppressor cells, whose existence has now been proven by scientists.
- A New Mode For Killing Cancer Cells
The p53 protein performs a more direct role in cell suicide (apoptosis) by interacting with one of the pro-death proteins.
- HIV/Polio Vaccine Theory Refuted
The data should help to end speculation that the immunodeficiency virus jumped to humans after polio vaccines became contaminated with a simian form of the virus.
- No Need For Men?
Researchers have produced live mice by parthenogenesis, in which the unfertilized egg retains two sets of chromosomes and begins to develop as if it had been fertilized.
- World’s oldest mouse reaches milestone birthday
U-M’s geriatric mouse colony helps scientists learn about human aging.
- When 'Switched On' Muscle Stem Cells Morph To Resemble Nerve Cells
An artificial gene activates a panel of genes that are normally silent in the muscle cells, causing them to morph into neuronal cells.
- A New Hypothesis About Autoimmunity—Is it Possible to be Too Clean?
Connection between poor T cell survival in the body and the development of autoimmunity.
- New Hereditary Gene Linked To Parkinson's Disease
UCL scientists have discovered a new gene implicated in the early development of Parkinson's disease.
- Rewriting Textbooks On DNA Crossover
Key decisions in the genetic shuffling that occurs before eggs or sperm are formed are made earlier than thought.
- A New Mode For Killing Cancer Cells
REsearch suggests that the p53 protein performs a more direct role in cell suicide (apoptosis) by interacting with one of the pro-death proteins.
- What Was That Guy Thinking?
Patients with damage to a particular brain area find it impossible to interpret the thoughts and beliefs of others based on their actions
- A New Mouse Model For Cystic Fibrosis
Study unveils a new mouse model of cystic fibrosis (CF), revealing a key aspect of the disease's mechanism.
- New Genes Linked To Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Two studies describe the identification of genes associated with susceptibility to Crohn disease and ulcerative colitis, the two most common forms of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).
- Turning Pounds Into Bare Bones
Stem cells hiding in those extra pounds could soon be used by doctors to heal injuries to tissues like muscle and bone.
- Skin Gene Controls Bone Development
Researchers have identified a gene that aids bone development when active in skin.
- Genes Predict Adverse Drug Reaction
A certain type of adverse drug reaction (Stevens-Johnson syndrome) could be predicted by using gene screening
- Human Chromosomes 13 And 19 In The Spotlight
Researchers have deciphered the sequences of human chromosomes 13 and 19. The information should help to shed light on human diseases, such as cancer and diabetes.
- SARS Vaccine Yields Promising Results In Mice
An experimental vaccine against the SARS coronavirus has yielded promising results in mice.
- Rat Genome Unveiled
The rodent's DNA has been deciphered and analysed by a collaborative network of researchers, known as the Rat Genome Sequencing Project Consortium, who hope that their work will stimulate progress in medicine.
- Genes Appeared Before "Junk" DNA
NIST-Led Research De-mystifies Origins of ‘Junk’ DNA’
- International Sequencing Consortium Launches Online Resource
New Web Site Promotes Sharing of Large-Scale Sequencing Information
- Visualizing the Central Dogma
Researchers Create First Movie Starring DNA, RNA, and Protein
- Study Offers New Model for Breast Cancer
Mice were engineered to form early stage breast tumors like those found in humans
- From A To T, In A Dish
For the first time, embryonic stem cells were "taught" how to become T lymphocytes without the need for an embryo or a thymus. This could aid efforts to grow large quantities of T cells for immunotherapeutics.
- Long-Lasting Craving For Cocaine
Paper suggests that recovered drug addicts may develop drug cravings more quickly than previously thought.
- Vitamin C Corrects Nerve Disease
Scientists report that a dose of Vitamin C could help alleviate the symptoms of Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (CMT).
- Drug Shows Promise Against Lou Gehrig Disease
Researchers describe a drug that slows the disease in a mouse model of ALS.
- Scientists Discover New Human Coronavirus
Scientists report the discovery of a new coronavirus, a group of viruses that includes the culprit behind severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS).

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