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  July 22, 2024
your information resource in human molecular genetics
- The Very Unexpected Life And Death Of A Leukemic Cell
In vivo measurements document the dynamic cellular kinetics of chronic lymphocytic leukemia B cells
- Gene therapy for Parkinson's disease moves forward in animals
Continuous low-level glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor delivery provides neuroprotection and induces behavioral recovery in a primate model
- Research Identifies Proteins Crucial To Construction Of Brain's Information Superhighway
Thrombospondins Are Astrocyte-Secreted Proteins that Promote CNS Synaptogenesis
- Asthma Gene Clusters Identified
Findings Could Lead To New Treatment Based On Individual Genetic Profiles
- International Coalition to Fund Autism Genetics Research
An international public/private partnership of government health agencies and private advocacy organizations has committed more than $21 million for research to identify the genes associated with autism spectrum disorders.
- New Neurons Born In Adult Rat Cortex
NIMH scientists have found newly born neurons that communicate via the chemical messenger GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) in adult rat cortex, and striatum.
- Bone Density Appears To Recover After Adolescents Discontinue Injected Contraceptive
Lower bone density appears to recover in adolescent females once they stop using the injected contraceptive depot medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA).
- DNA Vaccine Banishes TB
A new gene therapy approach could help completely eliminate the infection that causes one of the world's biggest killers – tuberculosis (TB).
- No Longer Bird Brains
Researchers compared parts of birds' brains with the brains of other animals, including mammals, and concluded that much of a bird's brain are responsible for carrying out advanced functions like those in mammals.
- The Truth About Antidepressants And Suicide
The current controversy over the link between antidepressants and suicidal behaviour in children shouldn't ignore the risks of not treating the disease.
- Seeing The Forest Or The Trees
Left- and right-handers also use different parts of the brain to focus on the whole versus the parts of a visual stimulus
- New Function For Pacemaker Neurons
Circadian pacemaker neurons transmit and modulate visual information to control a rapid behavioral response
- Researchers Find New Genes Necessary To Make Embryo
New genes with roles in the C. elegans embryo revealed using RNAi of ovary-enriched ORFeome clones
- Discovery Promises Simpler Therapy For Sickle Cell Disease
Impaired vasodilation by red blood cells in sickle cell disease
- Viral DNA Sequence A Possible Trigger For Breast Cancer
MMTV Env encodes an ITAM responsible for transformation of mammary epithelial cells
- Search and Destroy: A New Mechanism Of Regulating RNA Degradation
Mammalian Staufen1 Recruits Upf1 to Specific mRNA 3'UTRs so as to Elicit mRNA Decay
- Protein Stops Growth Of Brain Tumor, OHSU Study Shows
Herstatin, an autoinhibitor of the epidermal growth factor receptor family, blocks the intracranial growth of glioblastoma
- Blood Test Shows Promise As Monitor For Antiangiogenic Cancer Therapy
Genetic heterogeneity of the vasculogenic phenotype parallels angiogenesis
- First U.S. Kidney Cancer Vaccine Trial Underway
In the study, patients with stage IV renal cell carcinoma are given regular doses of an investigational kidney cancer vaccine, called Trovax, in conjunction with Interleukin-2 (IL-2).
- New Inherited Disease Can Cause Early Aortic Rupture
A syndrome of altered cardiovascular, craniofacial, neurocognitive and skeletal development caused by mutations in TGFBR1 or TGFBR2.
- How Many Comparative Genomes Are Enough?
A model of the statistical power of comparative genome sequence analysis.
- Scientists Find Genome Structure Responsible for Gene Activation
Genomic maps and comparative analysis of histone modifications in human and mouse
- Detection of a new blood pressure-increasing hormone
Urine adenosine tetraphosphate: a novel endothelium-derived vasoconstrictive factor
- Hearing Anger In Voices
Study suggests that the sound of anger enhances the brain's response to voices.
- Understanding Cocaine Cravings
Cocaine cravings following an extended withdrawal require the activation of a protein called extracellular-signal regulated kinase (ERK) in a part of the brain involved in motivation and emotion.
- Tagging Strategy Makes It Easier For Researchers To Leave Their Mark
New method for the quick addition of small labeling molecules promises to simplify studies tracking the localization and dynamics of cell-surface proteins without interfering with cellular function.
- Stem Cells In Need Of A Fresh Start
Report indicates that a foreign molecule present in human embryonic stem cells (HESCs) may lead to their being killed by the immune system if they are used in a transplantation setting.
- Reproductive ACE
A protein that controls blood pressure is also crucial for fertilization.
- Viagra For A Broken Heart
Sildenafil, better known as Viagra, can prevent and reverse the pathological growth of the heart.
- Muscle-Driven Microrobots
Sceintists show that it is now possible to start with single cells on silicon chips and obtain micromechanical devices operated by muscle tissue.
- Natural Selection In Humans
Report describes evidence for natural selection acting on the human genome.
- Stimulating Insight Into Reproductive Hormones
The revelation, how follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) binds to its receptor on the cell surface, may provide scientists with the key for aiding future drug discovery efforts.
- Understanding The Brain, One Cell At A Time
Scientists report on a tool that can capture the activity of neuronal populations at single-cell resolution and up to four times deeper into the brain than before.
- Pokemon Protein Puts New Cancer Treatment On The Cards
Scientists uncover the role of Pokemon, a key protein in cancer progression.
- Protein's Role In Immune Defence Uncovered
Researchers uncover the role of a vital protein called IRF-5 in triggering immune defences against invading pathogens.
- Scientists Discover Key Genetic Factor in Determining HIV/AIDS Risk
Individual risk of acquiring HIV and experiencing rapid disease progression is not uniform within populations
- Researchers simulate molecular biological clock
Stochastic simulation of the mammalian circadian clock.
- Thinking small: Texas A&M team creates lab-on-a-chip
On-chip manipulation of levitated femtodroplets
- Study finds more than one-third of human genome regulated by RNA
Conserved Seed Pairing, Often Flanked by Adenosines, Indicates that Thousands of Human Genes are MicroRNA Targets
- Found: Missing sequence of the human Y chromosome
Sequence may contain genes controlling stature and tumor development
- COX-2 levels are elevated in smokers
Tobacco smoke triggers the production of COX-2, a cellular protein linked to the development and progression of cancer
- Research Identifies Promising Route for Treating Age-Related Hearing Loss
Proliferation of Functional Hair Cells in Vivo in the Absence of the Retinoblastoma Protein
- First 'atlas' of key brain genes could speed research on cancer, neurological diseases
Mouse brain organization revealed through direct genome-scale TF expression analysis
- Transistor Genetics
Self-assembled carbon-nanotube-based field-effect transistors
- Mouse brain tumors mimic those in human genetic disorder
Natural history of neurofibromatosis 1-associated optic nerve glioma formation in mice
- Humans Are A 'Privileged' Evolutionary Lineage
Accelerated evolution of nervous system genes in the origin of Homo sapiens
- Growth of common skin cancer blocked in gene-switch mice
Scientists have identified genes that promote the growth and recurrence of skin cancer
- The Underlying Causes Of Cystic Fibrosis
Two studies show that a single mutation in the cystic fibrosis protein causes defects at two distinct stages in its maturation process, leading to cystic fibrosis.
- 'Tadpoles' Help Researchers Leap-Frog Past Detection Limits
A powerful new tool promises high sensitivity for the detection of a versatile range of targets, including proteins and small-molecule compounds.
- Gene Implicated In Rett Syndrome
A new gene has been identified that may be involved in the pathogenesis of Rett syndrome -- a neurological disorder resulting in autism, seizures and loss of speech, almost exclusively in girls before the age of 18 months.

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