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international communication forum in human molecular genetics

  July 24, 2024
central portal site to HUMan MOLecular GENetics
   hum-molgen is    arts & genetics     contact consultants from 86 countries  
  one of the world's largest Internet sources for the latest information in HUMan MOLecular GENetics (more than 8,800 subscribers and a 6 digit number of distinct Internet users).
Our service provides the opportunity to communicate with scientists, physicians and other genetics professionals worldwide. We are looking for collaboration, editorial support and sponsorship.

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  This section contains requests from professionals regarding: collaborative studies, samples, molecular tests, general information on diseases / treatments:  
- SNP Genotyping
- research collaboration
- trisomy 8 mosaic
- Infectious diseases test kits
- AnaSpec Introduces Industry's First Z-FishTM Anti-Lysozyme
- biotech
- Ullrich Congenital Muscular Dystrophy (UCMD)
- Familial MPGN type 3
- Perlman syndrome
- Cranioectodermal dysplasia
- more ...

Search requests

For submissions please use our www form or send your request to hum-molgen. Selected postings will be integrated into our regular news alert.

Archive (professional requests):
Non Cancer-related / Cancer-related (1997-99)
All postings (1996)

Public/Patient Inquiries
HUM-MOLGEN does not provide referrals or information on specific genetic diseases and trials. This information is available through the National Institutes of Health:  http://www.nih.gov/health/


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Genetic news 
Recent developments in human genetics and molecular biology, announcements of new Internet sources, funding opportunities, press releases

Selection of important external bioinformatic toos 

Biotechnical requests and sources 
Requests conc. spec. protocols, announcements of new sources 

Biomedical companies 
Registry of biotechnological and medical companies 

Ethical, legal and social implications
Discussions conc. the ethical and social implications of the Human Genome Project

  Literature for Human Geneticists & Biomedical Journals
Interesting reviews and books and direct links to current issues of important journals

Open Topic Forum  
missing sources, feedback / free samples, reduced offers etc.

Events in Bioscience and Medicine 
Searchable database of upcoming exhibitions and events

Positions in Bioscience and Medicine 
Central resource for employment in Genetics and Biotechnology 
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provides patients, family members, health care professionals, and members of the public easy access to information on clinical trials for a wide range of diseases and conditions

  Clinical Queries
This specialized search is intended for clinicians using four study categories: therapy, diagnosis, etiology and prognosis.
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