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hum-molgen: events in bioscience and medicine

  September, 20 2018
your calendar for events in genetics, biotechnology and medicine
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- An Accredited Technical Training Course: Drug Product Stability and Shelf-Life
- An Accredited Technical Training Course: CMC Writing and Submission Strategies: A Global Regulatory Approach
- An Accredited Technical Training Course: Granulation, Tabletting and Capsule Technology
- An Accredited Technical Training Course: Stability Operations: A Comprehensive Review of Medical Product Stability Functions
- An Accredited Technical Training Course: Scaling and Piloting for the Process Industries
- This training program helps in identifying the critical components of harassment/bullying investigation in order to determine correct facts and reducing liabilities.: How to Conduct an Internal Harassment and Bullying Investigation to Determine Facts and Minimize Liability
- In this session speaker will explain how to manage your time effectively now and in the future: Time Management
- Virtual team is the new reality of 21st century workplace. Owing to the increasing competition in the marketplace: Virtual Leadership: Practical Tips to Build, Engage and Manage Remote Teams
- This webinar will look at the business value of mentoring, " Mentoring is quickly becoming a valued business solution to these challenges": Mentoring Employees: How to Unlock Potential,Enhance Loyalty,and Boost Productivity
- In this webinar you will learn how to use both formal and informal activities to get the person involved so they feel a part of the team.: Driving Employee Retention through Assimilation

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