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  June 14, 2024
your information resource in human molecular genetics
- Japanese Scientists Identify Protein Involved In Stomach Ulcers
A receptor on stomach cells for a toxin produced by the bacterium Helicobacter pylori mediates the signals that lead to ulceration in mice
- Colon Cancer Cell Migration
Adenomatous polyposis coli (APC) gene is clearly linked to the migration of colon cancer cells.
- New Lead For Diabetic Drugs
A G-protein-coupled receptor, GPR40, abundantly expressed in the pancreas, functions as a receptor for long-chain FFAs, which amplify glucose-stimulated insulin secretion from pancreatic b cells.
- Another way to silence genes with small RNAs
A short form of RNA can turn off a targeted gene much the way naturally occurring microRNAs do
- Using RNA Interference to Tune Gene Activity in Stem Cells
New Method for the Study and Treatment of Disease
- Component Guide For Fueling Human Heart
Researchers have completed the most comprehensive attempt yet to catalog the protein content of human heart mitochondria.
- Vitamin B1 Deters Diabetic Complications
A widely available derivative of vitamin B1 prevents the progression of diabetic complications such as retinal damage.
- Intelligence And Brain Activity
People who score high on intelligence tests also activate a distinct set of brain regions during demanding mental tasks.
- Wrong Protein Implicated In Autoimmunity?
The real culprit in autoimmune inflammation is interleukin-23, and not interleukin-12.
- HIV No Match For Microbicides
First concrete evidence that microbicides can prevent virus attachment and entry into the vagina or rectum.
- Following The Trail To Death
A protein known as TRAIL may be important in preventing the development of dangerous immune cells that have the ability to attack other healthy cells.
- To Fix DNA, You Need A Molecular Crowbar
DNA-repair enzyme Rad54 remodels chromatin and pushes repressive nucleosome structures out of the way
- RNA Interference Humbles Hepatitis
RNAi can successfully prevent liver injury and death in a mouse model of hepatitis.
- Rhythm Of Life
Mutation in the structural protein ankyrin-B basis for life-threatening cardiac disease.
- Genetics Congress - Financial Assistance
The International Genetics Federation in conjunction with the Congress organizers has established a fund to assist delegates needing financial assistance in order to attend the 2003 Genetics Congress.
- Caltech, Italian Scientists Find Human Longevity Marker
Even though Jeanne Louise Calment died in 1997 at the age of 122, we envy her longevity. Better, perhaps, to envy her mother's lineage, suggest scientists.
- Study finds no link between taking folic acid and having twins
New results from a study involving almost a quarter of a million women in China show that taking folic does not increase a woman's chances of giving birth to twins.
- The US National Library of Medicine "Profiles In Science" Web Site
Papers of Nobel Laureate, Linus Pauling, Added to "Profiles In Science" Web Site
- Genetic "Signature" Linked to Severe Lupus Symptoms
Gene expression profiling reveals an interferon expression signature in a subset of lupus patients
- Working out what genes do - systemic RNAi in mammalian cells
Working out what genes do - systemic RNAi in mammalian cells
- Reining In Transcription
Direct association of a protein phosphatase with a histone deacetylase represses the activity of the transcription factor CREB.
- DNA Damage Limitation
Further insights into understanding the activation of the protein kinase gene (ATM), mutated in a hereditary disease.
- Research Reveals How Strep Bacterium Evades Immune System
Group A Streptococcus (GAS), sometimes can endure battle with our innate immune system and cause widespread disease
- Help Wanted: Pediatric Endocrinologists
Funding Will Help Train Researchers in Childhood Diabetes
- Bone marrow generates new neurons in human brains
Possible new treatments for stroke, Parkinson's disease, and other neuroological disorders
- Human Gene Affects Memory
Isoforms of brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF)linked with episodic memory
- Mouse Model Links Alcohol Intake to Marijuana-Like Brain Compounds
New Pathway Presents Target for Medication Development
- OPINION: Recommendations for Introducing Genetics Services in Developing Countries
WHO scientists argue that most developing countries now urgently need to incorporate genetic approaches (including DNA diagnosis) into their health services.
- Ready, Set, Mark Your Genes – Go!
Scientists now show that the expression status of genes can be altered even in the absence of cell division.
- Embryo Attaches to the Uterus via L-selectin
Researchers funded by the NIH have discovered how an embryo initially attaches to the wall of the uterus
- Drinking reduces heart disease risk in men
A 12-year study found that men who drank alcohol three or more days per week had a reduced risk of heart attack
- Powerful Technologies Probe Innate Immunity
A comprehensive and detailed picture of innate immunity is the goal of scientists funded by a recently awarded grant from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).
- Gadd45a Prevents Skin Tumors by Watching Over p53
Researchers from the National Cancer Institute have identified a critical role for a gene known as Gadd45a, which protects the skin against cancer-causing damage from the sun's rays.
- NIGMS-Funded RNA Research Named Breakthrough of the Year
Science magazine has declared advances in understanding molecules called "small RNAs" as the top scientific achievement of 2002.
- Passing Inhibitory Small RNA To Your Progeny
A paper in the February issue of Nature Structural Biology reports the creation of transgenic mice, in which inherited RNAi lowers the expression of a target gene.
- Di’George’s Syndrome Demystified
Peter Carmeliet in Leuven, Belgium and colleagues begin to answer why some individuals are only slightly affected by Di’George’s syndrome while for others the consequences are severely life-threatening, involving severe cardiac and vascular abnormalities.
- Genes For 'STEMNESS'
Stuart Orkin of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, and colleagues report that the gene SCL/tal-1is essential for the generation of haematopoietic stem cell (HSCs), but surprisingly its continued expression is not essential for HSC functions.
- Comparisons of the new mouse genome sequence
First comparison of the 'public' mouse genome sequence with the mouse genome sequence generated by the private company Celera
- Gene responsible for rewinding body's 'clock'
- Checkpoint protein blocks chromosome breaks at fragile sites
- Identification of genes causing defects in vitamin B12 metabolism
- Gene signature as cancer treatment tool
- genetic link found between two juvenile onset renal diseases
- is there a common genetic link between heart disease and depression?
- 'junk' DNA and behaviour
- genetic basis of behaviour
- Search for cholesterol absorption genes narrows to two chromosome regions
- the human 'kinome' a map of 518 protein kinases
- the gene behind two inherited kidney diseases
- Unique cancer and stem cell institute launched

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