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  May 24, 2024
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- A Rewarding View On Orexin Cells
Activation of neurons that contain the neurotransmitter orexin in the lateral hypothalamus is proportionally linked to food- and drug-seeking behaviours in rats.
- Boosting The BCG Vaccine To Beat Tuberculosis
Increased vaccine efficacy against tuberculosis of recombinant Mycobacterium bovis bacille Calmette-Guerin mutants that secrete listeriolysin.
- Scientists crack 40-year-old DNA puzzle and point to ‘hot soup’ at the origin of life
A new theory that explains why the language of our genes is more complex than it needs to be also suggests that the primordial soup where life began on earth was hot and not cold, as many scientists believe.
- A Powerful New Tool for Decoding Gene Functions in Mammals and Man
Efficient Transposition of the piggyBac (PB) Transposon in Mammalian Cells and Mice.
- Researchers Find BRCA1 Tumor Suppression Nullified By Cyclin D1
The results reaffirm cyclin D1 as a candidate target for molecular therapeutic control of breast tumor development.
- Scientists zero in on drugs' sweet spots
Enhancing the anticancer properties of cardiac glycosides by neoglycorandomization.
- Micro RNAs Play Role In Egg Making
Evidence that miRNAs are involved in oogenesis
- Scientists Discover Genetic Pathway Responsible For Breast Cancer Cell Growth
Location analysis of estrogen receptor {alpha} target promoters reveals that FOXA1 defines a domain of the estrogen response.
- Link Between Alcohol and Certain Cancers
Acetaldehyde, a suspected carcinogen formed as the body metabolizes alcohol, can react with polyamines to trigger DNA damage.
- New evidence that the dopamine transporter gene may be involved in the aetiology of ADHD
Association found with a single-nucleotide polymorphism in the 3'untranslated-region of DAT1
- Helping Smokers Quit
Study reveals how methoxsalen, a drug that has been clinically proven to decrease smoking, interacts with and blocks the action of a protein that breaks down nicotine.
- Interfering With HIV
Scientists have found a molecule that interferes with the formation of infectious Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) particles.
- Avoiding Regret In The Brain
A functional imaging study shows that a brain region called the medial orbitofrontal cortex mediates the influence of emotions like regret on decision-making.
- Protein -- Pure And Simple
A new purification method offers scientists an efficient and budget-friendly tool for large scale protein production.
- Diagnostic Methods Promise Smallpox Detection
Researchers report on a diagnostic method that could be used to accurately detect smallpox.
- Taking Complements Away
Scientists have identified a staphylococcal protein that can block the complement cascade aiding the bacteria to escape detection by the immune system.
- Targeting The Transcription Start Site Of DNA
A new method of silencing gene expression is reported.
- Cancer Suppression Puts Cells Under Arrest
Four studies show that senescence does indeed get induced in vivo to put the break on cancer-causing genes.
- Genes Responsible For Breast Cancer Metastasis Identified
Study helps to shed some light on the genes that mediate breast cancer metastasis to the lung but not other organs.
- A Structure Of Antidepressants' Binding Sites
Scientists have now captured the crystal structure of a bacterial sodium/chloride-dependent transporter, which moves leucine across membranes.
- 'Smart' Bio-nanotubes Developed; May Help In Drug Delivery
Cationic liposome-microtubule complexes: Pathways to the formation of two-state lipid-protein nanotubes with open or closed ends
- Family Of Life-extending Genes Discovered
Discovery Sheds Light On How A Low-calorie Diet Extends Lifespan
- A Step Toward The $1,000 Personal Genome Using Readily Available Lab Equipment
The theoretical price of having one's personal genome sequenced just fell from the prohibitive $20 million dollars to about $2.2 million
- Genetic basis of long-term memory identified in humans
Single nucleotide changes in the PRNP gene linked to long-term memory in a sample of 354 healthy individuals
- Combination Therapy Leads to Partial Recovery from Spinal Cord Injury in Rats
Combining partially differentiated stem cells with gene therapy can promote the growth of new "insulation" around nerve fibers in the damaged spinal cords of rats.
- Combination Hormone/Vaccine Therapy for Prostate Cancer May Benefit Patients Whose Disease Returns
Cancer vaccine combined with hormone-deprivation therapy can help patients with recurrence of prostate cancer.
- Multi-Species Genome Comparison Sheds New Light on Evolutionary Processes, Cancer Mutations
Mammalian chromosomes have evolved by breaking at specific sites rather than randomly as long thought - and that many of the breakage hotspots are also involved in human cancer.
- New Discovery May Help Doctors Treat Infertility
Estrogen Receptor beta is necesary for ovulation. In women lacking this gene, alternative treatments may be more effective.
- Researchers Identify Gene's Role In Suppressing Longevity
Mammalian SIRT1 limits replicative life span in response to chronic genotoxic stress
- Redesigned Protein Accelerates Blood Clotting
Study Holds Hope For Next Generation Hemophilia Treatment
- New Compound May Decrease Vision Loss In Diabetes
First clinical trial evaluating effect of PKC-beta inhibitor on diabetes-induced eye complications raises hopes for preserving sight in some individuals
- Negotiating Responsibility: Case Studies Of Reproductive Decision-Making And Prenatal Genetic Testing In Families Facing Huntington Disease
Three case studies are presented to further our understanding of how responsibility is negotiated in families when making decisions about genetic risk.
- Men's Decision-Making About Predictive BRCA1/2 Testing: The Role Of Family
This qualitative study explores the influences on male patients' genetic test decisions.
- Evaluating Genetic Counseling: Client Expectations, Psychological Adjustment And Satisfaction With Service
The role of counseling in facilitating the development of perceived personal control was a key contributor to a high sense of satisfaction in clients.
- Racial-Ethnic Differences In Genetic Amniocentesis Uptake
Individual health beliefs and knowledge play a greater role in genetic amniocentesis acceptance than do demographic factors such as race-ethnicity.
- Synaptic Damage In Alzheimer Disease
Study suggests a molecular mechanism that could shed light on how Alzheimer disease produces the dementia and memory loss that are its major symptoms.
- Interfering With HIV
Scientists have found a molecule that interferes with the formation of infectious Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) particles.
- Tickling Nerves Prevents Inflammation
Stimulation of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChRs), which are found on both nerves and immune cells, can initiate a program that shuts down the inflammatory machinery of immune cells.
- Susceptibility To Obesity And Diabetes
Study reports a genetic variant associated with susceptibility to obesity and diabetes.
- TACI Is Mutant In Common Variable Immunodeficiency And Iga Deficiency
Two research studies present evidence for a new genetic factor underlying two human immunodeficiency syndromes.
- Developing New Cellular Modules
Scientists report the development of new mRNA-ribosome pairs that function orthogonally - in parallel with, but without affecting, endogenous ribosomal translation.
- A Selective Gene-Repression Probe
Researchers have identified a small-molecule inhibitor that may be a valuable tool for gene-repression studies.
- DNA Adopts A New Fold
Researchers report a new structure formed by a DNA sequence that is known to be important in cancer development.
- Small Doses Go A Long Way
Researchers have found a way of delivering small RNA molecules targeted against the hepatitis B virus at low doses.
- A Structure Of Antidepressants' Binding Sites
Scientists have now captured the crystal structure of a bacterial sodium chloride-dependent transporter, which moves leucine across membranes.
- RBP4 Protein Contributes To Diabetes
Researchers describe how a protein called RBP4, which is released by fat tissue, causes insulin resistance in mice.
- Drug Shows Promise For Strengthening Hearts
A new drug offers hope for warding off heart failure associated with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.
- Cause Of Heart Valve Disease Identified
Researchers have identified the genetic mutations that can produce a spectrum of cardiac abnormalities involving calcification of the aortic valve.
- NIAAA Issues New Clinician's Guide for Helping Patients Who Drink Too Much
The 2005 edition of the Guide provides new and revised materials that support clinicians in conducting alcohol screenings, assessments, and brief interventions.
- New Lead Reported in Tumor Angiogenesis
HGF induction of jagged1 gene product leads to insight into notch signaling in tumor angiogenesis.

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