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  June 14, 2024
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- Reduced Lipoxin Linked To Damaged Cystic Fibrosis Lungs
These findings suggest administration of synthetic lipoxins might prove to be a beneficial therapy for lessening the lung pathology seen in patients with cystic fibrosis.
- RNA Interference Boost To Understanding Gene Function
Two groups have made libraries producing RNA fragments that cause RNA interference (RNAi), in the hope that these libraries will help to pinpoint the functions of key genes in disease.
- Stem Cells Not The Cure For A Broken Heart
Two studies shed doubt on the reported ability of certain transplanted stem cells to repair damaged heart tissue.
- Glioma Gene Identified
Researchers have identified a gene that may be involved in the development of certain aggressive brain tumours.
- Development Gene Is Double-Edged Sword
The Bmi1 gene promotes cell growth in the developing brain, but may also prompt tumour development.
- Double Anti-Cancer Whammy
The drug rapamycin may prove to be a useful adjunct to chemotherapy.
- Green Tea Finds A Tumor Cell
A major antioxidant in green tea binds to a protein on the surface of tumor cells and slows their growth.
- Insight Into Lupus Antigen Protein
These studies suggest how an RNA-binding protein such as La may be involved in the autoimmune response in systemic lupus erythematosus.
- Sex And Brain Gender Differences
Brain regions known to be involved in processing emotionally important stimuli are more activated when men view sexually arousing images than when women do.
- New Technique Tracks Irregular Heartbeats
Scientists report on a new technique for diagnosing and guiding the treatment of heart arrhythmias.
- Stopping Cell Death Speeds Spinal Injury Recovery
Blocking a protein involved in cell death could be one way to treat Spinal cord injuries.
- Protein-Like Polymers
Researchers create a new type of vesicle made of block copolypeptides (polymers made with the same building units as proteins), combining mechanical stability with the ability to open up in response to a specific stimulus -- pH change.
- Faster Road To Inflammation
Cells from arthritic joints make more inflammatory factors because of their response to signals that are normally involved in cell death pathways.
- Honey, I Shrunk The Laboratory!
Researchers have reduced all the components of a molecular biology laboratory needed to isolate genetic material to a chip the size of a dime.
- Hair Springs Eternal
Study shows that stem cells in mouse hair follicles regenerate new hair and hair follicles after being implanted into the skin of mice.
- Grandmas Give Kids A Start In Life
Research may shed some light on why, within the animal kingdom, only in humans do the majority of women live long after menopause.
- Ovarian Transplant Yields Baby Monkey
Fertility researchers have successfully produced a baby rhesus monkey after transplanting part of its mother's ovary to a different site in her body.
- Mouse Ovaries Boast Hidden Reserves
The long-held view that female mammals are born with their lifetime's complement of egg cells may not be correct after all.
- New Smallpox Inoculations Show Promise
Tests of an experimental smallpox vaccine have produced encouraging results in monkeys and mice; the discovery may lead to an alternative for humans unable to receive current smallpox vaccines.
- Cell Double Act Boosts Blood Vessel Production
Researchers have devised a new way to make long-lasting, functional blood vessels in mice; this method may help those who wish to produce artificial vascular networks for human use.
- A Hand In Regulating A Sodium Channel
This research finding may provide a molecular basis for how mutations affecting calcium binding to the human cardiac sodium channel motif could cause disease.
- Music And Meaning In The Brain
Certain musical passages cause brain responses similar to those caused by sentences, challenging the suggestion that music only conveys emotions, not actual concepts.
- New Possibility For Polycystic Kidney Disease Treatment
A new treatment is reported for polycystic kidney disease (PKD), the fourth leading cause of kidney failure in the US.
- Aurora And Twilight For Tumors
Scientists use a targeted approach with a drug, called VX-680, to suppress tumor growth.
- Polymer Pumps Up Cancer Drug
An antitumor drug can be improved -- and made less toxic -- by linking it to a polymer; conjugating drugs to polymers might be a new strategy for designing anticancer therapies.
- Interferon Drug Saps SARS Effects
Scientists report that a commercially available drug protects primate lungs from severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS).
- Gene Linked To Disorder Of Elevated Cholesterol
Researchers report on the identification of a gene variant that is associated with susceptibility to familial combined hyperlipidemia (FCHL).
- A Potential Drug Target For Diabetes
A key protein may control the production and secretion of insulin.
- Molecular Fault Identified In ALS
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a fatal paralytic disease, may be triggered by faulty editing of messenger RNA inside the cell.
- Arresting HIV
Researchers may now know why Old World monkeys are resistant to the disease-causing effects of the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1).
- Putting The Squeeze On Tumours
Rapidly proliferating cancer cells can squash the blood vessels inside tumours, making it difficult for anti-cancer drugs to reach and destroy their target.
- Stem Cell Ribbon Found In Adult Human Brain
Researchers have discovered a new source of neural stem cells in the adult brain.
- Lexicon Genetics Broadens Patent Portfolio with New Patent on Gene Targeting
The patented technology encompasses a variety of methods of selecting desired genetic manipulations made by gene targeting, and specifically includes methods that are sometimes referred to as “positive-positive” selection.
- Researchers Gain Better Understanding of Mechanisms Compensating for Gene Dosage Differences Between Sexes
Researchers have achieved new insights into how the global control of all genes on a single chromosome can be established and maintained throughout the lifetime of an organism.
- Study may improve gene therapy safety
Viruses genetically engineered for use as delivery vehicles for transferring therapeutic genes into the body may alone influence gene expression, or which genes are turned on.
- A Promising Target For Heart Failure Treatment
Scientists report a new strategy to treat heart disease by inhibiting the enzyme protein kinase C-alpha (PKC-alpha).
- DNA Vaccines From Polymer Time-Bombs
These microparticles could be developed into more complex systems capable of multiple delivery at predefined times, and their use would be particularly advantageous in developing countries where safe injection practices are problematic.
- Influenza Virus Enhances Asthma
Prior exposure to virus enhanced, rather than suppressed, allergy.
- Using The Human Genome To Design Drugs
This discovery means that enormous numbers of chemical compounds can now be tested for their biological effects, using a single, largely automated technique.
- Risk Of Heart Attack And Stroke Tied To Inflammation Gene
Researchers report the identification of the first gene associated with a higher risk of both heart attacks and strokes, the diseases that result in the death of most people in developed countries.
- Immortalizing Cells For Brain And Spinal Cord Repair
Such 'designer lines' of neuronal progenitor cells could be of great value in a wide variety of neurological diseases.
- Mouse Cloning Achievement
Researchers have produced a new type of cloned mouse, using DNA from a mature olfactory neuron - a nerve cell involved in processing smell.
- Gene For Rare Vascular Disorder Identified
Researchers have identified a gene that helps to regulate blood vessel growth. Mutations in the gene may contribute to the rare vascular disorder Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome (KTS).
- Mice Make Fish Oils For Healthy Hearts
A worm gene engineered into mice enables them to produce omega-3 oils, compounds known to help prevent heart disease in humans.
- Understanding Vitamin K
Researchers have discovered a key component of vitamin K metabolism.
- Protein ID Mapping Service Available
Ariadne Genomics, Inc., today announced the availability of Protein ID Mapping, enabling biology researchers from academia and pharmaceutical industry to map protein IDs from one database source or microarray platform to another.
- Researchers Identify New Cause of Insulin Resistance
Researchers have tracked the cause of insulin resistance in the offspring of patients with type 2 diabetes to abnormalities in their mitochondria.
- MIT team discovers memory mechanism
MIT neuroscientists have discovered a new brain mechanism controlling the formation of lasting memories.
- Human Embryonic Stem Cells May Promise Medical Advances
For the first time, researchers have reported the development of versatile "pluripotent" human embryonic stem cells, potentially capable of becoming any cell in the body, from a cloned human blastocyst.
- Yeast's Variety Show
New research into a family of cell wall proteins shows how yeast can present a variety of "faces" to its environment.

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