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registry of biomedical companies

  July 16, 2024
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
Registry of biomedical companies:

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The SB Group and the Network
A Local Services Co. on FB.com
Toll free: 16049419022

Phone: +16049458408
Fax: +16049419022


Partnered with Hum-molgen.org (Germany) serving as a group of info blogging cos. for communications under copyright D. A. Flores of Skye Blue Internet based in PoCo, British Columbia V3B 1G3 Canada. (Look us up under 70 or so biomedical cos. with Hum-molgen.org.)


Look us up on FB.com: The Skye Blue Group (Youth/Adult Organization- furthering biotech in our communities through discovery and research and publishing of info products for distribution), Foodies Buffet Onboard Cuisine (with Foodie Cookbook website on Wix.com), The E-mail Time & News (a running newsletter magazine - as a  supplement to ''The Skye Blue Biotech'' via online subscription at web address below for sign up, only) and The Life in Diamonds Jewelry Store (Seller of Precious Jewelry/Pens/Coins (Royal Canadian Mint online and at Canada Post Offices/The Bradford Exchange)/Watches/ Lapel Personal and Professional Pins) (See Us on: FB.com soon! And don't miss out!)   

The Skye Blue Association (SBA) is our operation based in PoCo BC with email club for e-marketing and Canada Post despatch of various printed matter as educational and professional resource materials from Barberry Community House of the Birchland Estates neighborhood, Port Coquitlam Canada V3B 1G3. 

Our so-called "Fantasy" sites: (NB: SkyeBlue considers these as hard information and "non-SPAM")- proudly partnered by Wix.com, Tel Aviv, Israel in the Middle East. Look for the listing for: E. g. Genus Project (marine seagrasses); Life Producers Association (future bioinformatics-driven GRO dairying and HQ quality grass fodders); American Gryphon (Concept EV/Isopentene alcohol modular motoship movement for commute and touring); the Philippines is banking on manufacturing with their entrant the Magcar chassis of GM in the USA with a Chinese-made engine mount in gasohol/EV format with hopes to upgrade Metro city & town centres with grade roadways and bridges turning to exclusive zoning and one-way access with cartage traffic flow; there are plans to add sewage flow networks to a treatment facility (not the sea) in these city centres and upgrade plumbing elsewhere for amenities; WheatUS Project US-owned Conglomerate [Wheat & Soy Greenhouse Farming and ProActively Use of (3) Chinese-owned Technology (e. g. wheat-based resistant spp., convert starch from lignocellulose, & isopentenol fermentation, to be networked with Soviet Far East- a major investment area, Brazil, Australia and Western Canada.]; CBDNetwork an eco-tourism website based in southern Negros Island about transportation, tourist entertainment & recreational (E. g. airport-food centres, cineplex theaters, shopping malls, cultural centres, live auditorium "bowl" events, museums, libraries, fleamarkets or nitemarkets, recreation parks, zoo parks, sports arena and for live events as venues and for the SONY Entertainment & Disney World Entertainment organizations as possible USD$Trillion dollar investments in future also called "Cyberparks", and the new "Marina del Rey-style Developments" (E.g. Modelo Spatial(R) by FilInvest Holdings apartments with commercial-office space and a marina which was recently met issues over eco-soundness regards fauna and flora in the seabed offshore) for its with Sea-Land-Air hubs for passenger and freight including hi-speed rail in the metro-Dumaguete area of Negros Oriental Rep. of the Phil.; and FoodieBuffetOnBoardCuisine for buffet-style eats at your doorstep of Anglaise-Pinoy culinary tradition to be marketed for the GVRD (Vancouver), BC Canada (to be franchised) (ref.: see Desktop published cookbook to have a descriptive of franchising business idea already sold for CDN$1 to proprietor of family-owned businesses.)

SDGs: Issues catered to regularly by "SkyeBlue" cover not only Science and Tech, but also the: 1) Economic and financial: Investment scouting, Techie human resource development, Technology transfer and Social enterprise in not-for-profits; 2) Social-cultural: Clean air, food and water, Educational goals and needs (e. g. Higher Ed), Justice system and Law & Order, Poverty and Hunger, Housing and community, Health systems and needs; 3) Environmental: Environmental protection, Environmental safety, Global warming and plastics pollution in soil and water and human consumption (enviro-recycling, household recycling, non-reusables, green re-usables, overpopulation, recognized as the greater threat to save the planet.


         In Regards and Best Wishes,


         D. A. Flores, Owner/Principal 


         Partnered - our networked collaborators/corroborators 

         W: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danny-peter-flores-26085572/

         W. https://www.brand.site/skyeblueinternet 

         E:  dannyflorda@gmail.com; skyebluepublications@aim.com

         P:  (604)-941-9022 (Office, Helpline)/(604)-945-8408 (Landline)  






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Last update of this entry: May 26, 2024

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