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registry of biomedical companies

  May 28, 2024
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Registry of biomedical companies:

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Seco-Steroidal Chemie

1440 Barberry Dr.
Port Coquitlam
Toll free: +011-604-941-9022

Phone: 16049458408
Fax: +011-604-941-9022


Our projects are exclusively our own proprietary property and meant for information purposes only. We began with our Principal Investigators work earlier in the 1980 with plant product Lanosterol at Simon Fraser University BC CANADA which led later to our work on drug therapy with VitD metabolism as it applies to chronic or acute inflammation and related occupational-related or life-style diseases such as diabetes type2, atherosclerosis or heart disease and certainly some if most cancers (e. g. breast and colon). 

[1] Seco-steroidal drugs to effect receptors on the cell membrane involved to therapeutically address cholesterol uptake at the gut level and metabolically, post-absorptively (readily on the market).

[2] Seco-steroidal drugs to effect antagonism of feed-back inhibition (FBI) VitD effector functions and prolong their active state as with our Retinobionols (R) to help control or prevent the prevalence of cancers and other chronic inflammatory disease conditions of the body. Although it is not mentioned elsewhere the reason why derivatives of active VitD3 is a less gentler "route" compared to agoniste(s) to Vit D3 as proposed with the initial "Flores Syntheses" (1980) is due to its gentler titre in the blood as it affects active form(s) of VitD3. (Note that both are via genomic (viz. the nuclear receptor) and rapid (viz. via signal transduction) mechanisms post adhoc. Ref.: A. W. Normanac et al. 2001. Different shapes of the steroid hormone 1 alpha, 25(OH)(2)-vitaminD(3) acts as agonists for two different receptors in the vitamin D endocrine system to mediate genomic and rapid responses. Steroids 66(3-5): 147-158.) 

[3] Steroidal analogues to compete with and control, via this pharma, the esterifications and storage of cholesterol in shell eggs with poultry. This proposal further expands on (see: [2] above) the theme of cholesterol whole-body metabolism and its emptying into the digestive tract through bile juice from the duct.

[4] Seco-steroidals such as those related to VitD3 produced via genetic manipulation to accelerate plant growth via plant MAPK via their synthesis to regulators in metabolism for GMO biosafe contained plant life as in the e. g. of marine grass horticulture (submerged). (Secondary alkaloids such (e. g. taxanes, vinblastin, vincristine) can be used against mitotic spindle fibred sacs and consequent pollination although more specific research applied to marine grasses is required.) The horticultural claims in doing so are: shorter harvest times, less maintenance over time and greater harvest yield. This is a growth area of research as we speak. This is just one alternative for GMO class or type manipulations in this case for XL grow varieties in marine grass horticulture unlike PNA-phytohormonal carriered gene silencing via transcription factor engineered (TFE'd) approaches outside growth accelerated manipulations.  


(c) D. A. Flores. SKYE BLUE INTERNET. Port Coquitlam. BC. Canada V3B 1G3. 

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Last update of this entry: May 03, 2023

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