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registry of biomedical companies

  May 24, 2022
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
Registry of biomedical companies:

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American Gryphon 5

1440 Barberry Dr.
Port Coquitlam

Phone: 16049458408
Fax: 1-604-941-9022 (FAX)


American Gryphon 5 here is an informal space provided for fans of civic planning - viz. Land Food Systems (LFS),  Environmental Rural Science (ERS), & Life Science Bio-Hubs (Agri-Food, Health, Energy and the Environment and Biotech). Motoring and fanship over car sportsmanship is a key interest of ours together with pedi-motorship as the future in commuting. Motoring is just a hobby. 

AMERICAN GRYPHON 5 is a blogsite we created initially with web provider Wix.com, Tel Aviv Isreal in the Middle Eastern part of the world with video imagery for the senses as we motor down the road in the future MetroDumaguete CBD area in the Philippine island of Negros where we network. 

Co-op industries such as multinational manufacturing, adjusters/insurance, national dealerships, large import/export operations and finally public relations/advertising, as examples, are to be in part set-up with so-called micro-investors with liability with schemes for independent profit-sharing offerings traded in the stock markets.

The industry as a whole is being made native in terms of product and branding like the localized jeepney, a mode of transport which is typified in nature making it representative domestically making pedi-motorship a universality. Countries like India, Cambodia and Taiwan (ROC) are examples of export growth markets in future.

SKYEVIEW: A stock brokerage concern in NYC, New York USA called Empire Financial Research announced on Youtube.com availability of their Empire Stock Investors for those interested in subscribing to the latest news or advise on EVs (even AVs) using the TaaS system (Transportation as a Service) for the Philippines as predicted in commuter traffic and tourism. It is too late to deny the advancement of this technology already on the go. Investor options are suggested at this time, e. g. Waymo for TaaS, including investing in EVs and their maintenance for parts sales and might go through the roof in the coming several years. Direct investor business is being encouraged at "SkyeBlue" in terms of ownership (small and v. large) of a fleet with navigators for profit. This is encouraging considering that EVs (dual with bio-gasohol in the case of the Philiippines) are much safer than natural gas or gasoline driven vehicles as AVs, a big drawing card for both passenger fans and operators alike. Municipal planning is going to be impacted by changes as a result of converting prime land parking spaces or land in the CBD areas where this applies for housing, business and parks-n-recreation and charges for (unlike parking tickets) for licensing and insurance fees or premiums. Federal level management can be used to impinge the industry regulatorily and can be an industry in itself potentially in the future and even impose subsidies by law to support industry including well known policies of making exports more competitive and imports less competitive. On one last note, EVs are 10x cheaper to run than gas powered vehicles which is believed to be the clincher for choice and growth currently in the nascent industry of EVs / AVs (eventually) particularly the fact of its much lower maintenance with including a tire change. In the Philippines, Negros Island has geothermal plants connecting the provincial and neighboring islands electrical grid, ideal for this type of system. For that matter battery performance has improved dramatically recently and its ability to charge in between use as far as distance goes. Pricing of gasoline will go down because of demand and perhaps reallocated for kerosene making (i. e. jet fuel) and material manufacturing in industry, e. g. plastics, food and drug pharmaceuticals.

SKYEVIEW: For the attention of the public especially at our origin of Dumaguete, Negros, the Philippines there is still no encouraging news about our prediction of American involvement like an enterprise subsidiary that tools for the first time meanwhile we can only imagine in our minds in attending car shows in places like Texas and Arizona as we know it in the USA. Our prediction included a area called the city of Kabangkalan, Negros Occidental for this industrial manufacturing concern for pedimotorship-cum-miniEV hybrids. It is unknown what is holding back the development as much as its been predicted to be a success in transport both at home and for a probable export market (e. g. Cambodia and Thailand with Uber-like AV systems). 

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Last update of this entry: September 09, 2021

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