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registry of biomedical companies

  March 29, 2023
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
Registry of biomedical companies:

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The Biotechnologist

E-mail Marketing with E-Commerce
1440 Barberry Dr Port Coquitlam B. C. V3B 1G3

Phone: +606049458408
Fax: 16049419022


Biotech services provided offers the ff. topics in various areas of research in use by students, fellow professionals, and for the beginner, alike:

Samples of work are available from Skye Blue Internet, e-mail: skyebluepublications@aim.com.

Just place on the subject line, title or subject (given below) in the e-mail.

Areas Involved with Currently

Aquaponics/Dairy/Beef/Pharma/Biofuels with just released News on the research and industry fronts are now available to the public for marine seagrass, water hyacinth (e. g. the Philippine Islands) and duckweed (see: Australasian Agri-food sources)(novel sustainable protein source substitution, biofuel and for livestock feeding).

Functional Feeding/Nutrigenomics/Protein-N Status.

Behavioural Appetite/Digestion & Metabolism/Growth, Development & Reproduction/Livestock Production.

Nutrasceuticals of PUFAs, WSC (fructan), VitD2,3/Actif forme-VitD2,3 Agonist as New Pharma/Heart Disease, Diabetes T2, Cancers, multiple sclerosis (MS) and Alzheimers.

Biochemistry, Microbiology & Biotechnology of Ruminant Nutrition.

Feeding Functional Amino Acids (FAA) for Digestion & Metabolism/Growth & Development.

Low-Quality Feeds Processed Residue Technology for Solid-Substrate Fermentation (SSF)as Ensiled Herbage, Yeast Bagasse, Yeast Stover, Yeast Haulms and Yeast Straw.   

Biorenewables Technology of Bio-Kerosene & Iso-Benzoprene Nitrile (IBPN) vamp. 

Genetically Regulatory Organismal (GRO), Non-GMO Manipulation of Microbes, Plant and Animal. PNA-B12 Gene  Silencing Technology - Depleted [LMW]-Proteome and Novel Drug Discovery/Agri-Food Applications with Ensilage Feeding and Digestion Technology and other Crops or Forages.  

Proteomics DT D-PAGE Electro Protein Separation with Hi-Throughput, Hi-Speed Mini-Protein Reader, Laser-Driven.                             

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Last update of this entry: March 05, 2023

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