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registry of biomedical companies

  July 16, 2024
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
Registry of biomedical companies:

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Gelogex (Food Subsidiary) Canada

1440 Barberry Dr.
Port Coquitlam
Toll free: +011-604-941-9022

Phone: 16049458408
Fax: +011-604-941-9022


We are a website with Global Life Producers Canada, a Canadian promotional or proactive website on improving milk food product (MFP) from hi-producing GMO (but labelled non-GMO processed MFP-producing) cows to be encouraged world-wide with the auspices of trained personnel or scientists wishing to patent their own GMO livestock and business enterprise from farm management.

Typical food products are as given: 

a)  We are promoting various specific foodie ideas ("gourmet" or delicacy in food recipes) specifically with dietetic MFP derivatives also referred to as dairy food products (DFP) such as these e. g. s.: a) oleo-fat food products such as gravies, confectionaries, sour cream, yoghurt, cottage cheese, cream cheese, creamed dips, whipping cream, and buttermilk, all with boosted omega - 3 and omega - 6 fatty acid content; b) cheese and related dairy processed products will emerge earlier as a feeding application with seagrasses together with pharma and bioenergy to follow based on volume of production although this will hinge specifically on developing successfully XL Grow (R) varieties to make it cost effective for dairy and cheese making; large volume hi-producing GMO cows will also help this process to produce enough product for processing cost effectively; we are currently looking into possibilities of producing with enriched L'Oleo (R) product with omega-3 fatty acids: from carabao cows rich CaraHeart Health(R) Cheeses and from goat's chees CapriHeart(R) Health Cheeses that are soft, white ripened cheeses with added flavours such as pimiento olives and country berries; and c) deli-meat products with fat added including salami, sausages, meat loaf and longesina as a favourite breakfast chorizo (Filipino).

b) We encourage cos. to also collaborate who also engage collection operations for yellow fat or lard/tallow from fast food and restaurant deep-fryer machines to branch out into making our proprietary oleo or fat compounded mixtures from omega-3,6 polyunsaturated fats, for e. g., from corn, castor seed or oil, sunflower and safflower processed to purity in these fats before further conversion by enzyme treatment to fatty acids and then added with reducing agent to prevent rancidity depending on the redox potential of the food material.

c) Also, our manufacturing goal is to making bulk food product, which we name here Gemalta (R), as a new 'simulac' or powdered version for formulating fruit-flavoured smoothies. To take an e. g. use: peach, avocado, spinach, milk, vanilla flavouring, hi-fructose syrup and then add Gemalta (R) as a blend of complex carbohydrates (complex CHO) = 15% WSC* + 30% pectin + 55% cellulase-hemicellulase treated crude fibr e. We will not outline the proportions here for the suggested serving as a proprietary secret. We warn in advance of complications including constipation which may require medical treatment itself. Food-grade processing profiling end-qualities for berry fruit mast (e. g. blueberries) as one source of complex carbohydrates is another st udy to develop the product as a goal. 

[*WSC: glucose, fructose, sucrose, fructans, galactans, araban (short strings of the sugar arabinose), xylans (from hemicellulose) and cellulose for fibre. These are manufactured through a cassette introduced into food-grade yeast hosts and recovered through downstream processing with purification to their white powders using gene-banked sources from early spring Italian rye-grass.] 

d) Look for our various Dietetic Food Products in future: 1) Filipino Tocino a la Satay Sausages, 2) Sichuan-style Peanut-Pepper Salami, 3) Satay-style Salami, 4) Pescaciutto-Style (our fish-based 'ham-like' loaf),  5) Sour Sop Tea Extract (still to be manufactured from extract), 6) Coco Palm Sap Sugar (R) (a low glycemic alternative to cane or beet sugar), 7) L'Oleo (R) Gel Extenderiser, 8) CaraLaite (R) or fortified caramilk, 9) Golden Dietetic Egg Powder or eggs from low cholesterol Hi-bred layers.

e) Dietetic Instant Tea Refresher made with 50% less sugar and one that supports a healthier HA1c relevant to T2Diabetic (T2D) sufferers; this is made from both a known commercial natural sweetener [e. g. Stevia (R)], coco palm sugar processed from its tree sap and tea extract of the Filipino guayabano savoury fruit's tree leaf; the rest of the tea is to be extracted from sources in place like the southern Stans and subtropical Australian climes. 

There are no plans at this stage to dessicate / extract the medicinal essence of the fruit tree leaf of guayabano which is said to be in concentrate form. Flavourings to develop further a tea product line is to experiment or formulate with "con limoncita" from instant powdered Philippine lime rounds, lime juice and lemon juice and their essential oils from the rind or "kiss" completed with dessicated extract of herbal verbena which adds a subtle "lemony" herbal flavour and scent. Now to imagine further an e. g. for an accompanying snack would be seasoned roasted peanuts in sweetened mild chilli oil, "con limoncita" seasonings completed with salt and black pepper.

(c) D. A. Flores. SKYE BLUE INTERNET. Port Coquitlam. BC. Canada V3B 1G3. 

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Last update of this entry: September 17, 2023

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