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registry of biomedical companies

  May 27, 2024
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
Registry of biomedical companies:

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Poly-Fibrex (PF-X) Home Building Frame & Board of Canada

Port Coquitlam
British Columbia
Toll free: 16049419022

Phone: 16049458408
Fax: 16049419022


Are in the process of researching use of green industrial methods for construction of building infrastructure and equipment for scientific use in the laboratory using the new "Fusion Technology" that is cheaper, stronger, more resilient and has a reduced carbon fingerprint on the environment.

A major candidate is the polyhydroxybutyrate alkanoates made to a biothermoplastic polymer together with pure cellulose pulp heated pressure extruded to cure the surface and to harden the "fusion" polymeric material, using acetate(aq) as the organic solvent suspension with pulp (that is re-purified lignocellulose, that is acid- and enzyme treated with hemicellulases) simultaneously "fusioned" with the alkanoate as it polymerizes into lengths as most thermoplastic biopolymers are using real-time extrusion to form into molded flange or siding, compressed to the required strength or density, thoroughly cured of acetate(aq) as a continuous extenuating "slag" in successive compression molds eventually cooled to room temperature to the end product and can be further tooled to the manufacture in doors, windows, siding, cabinetry (saunas, and more elaborate spas, both assembled and installed for home upgrades), showers (indoor/outdoor), and assembled hot tubs/platforms (outdoor, gazebos). The product is many times stronger than vinyl siding and lasts much longer in years in use and appearance without warping.  It should be noted that humidity control will limit moisture accumulation on the surface with this thermopaned treated glass paneling (silver oxide is the active ingredient) against harmful UV from sunlight and insulated heat in/cold out retention.

Tweaking further structural properties may require elaborating more hydroxyl (-OH) grps (8 would help "snag" or "hook" the other surrounding -OH's in the matrix of cellulosic ring structures) at the butyrate end of the monomeric units of the polymer with improve solubility in acetate and so with the co-material of cellulose fibres.

At SkyeBlue we are in a process of revamping the polymer either with more elaborated unit monomeric structuring or to a more complex copolymer to increase density, strength, warping, and outdoor cracking for facade tile works including possibly insulated roofing tile works. 

A ready supply of pure acetate could be obtained from deacetylation of acetomannans, the major carbohydrate polymer from the aloe vera plant (see: Bio-Kerosene webpage here at: Hum-molgen.org) which is converted by fermentation to bioethanol.

Synthesis of Fibrex:hydroxybutyratealkanoate.


1. protect -OH groups (CH2OH or methanol, CH3COOH or acetate) 

2. stochiometrically halogenate with [Cl2(g)]   HCH2-CO-O-CH(CH2H)-CH2-COO-CO-CH2H  +   4 Cl2(g) (or more) ---------------------------> HCl  +   Blend of rxn products


H2=key H atoms for substitution for halogenation

Others rxn conditions: are temp., rxn time, solvent system, and any other reactants 


3. Comment: Ideal Product*  + Byproducts  =  the Yield (%) is still in question.




4. Hydrolyze the Protection Grps.




5. Polymerize to 150-250 monomers length under acid-catalyzed conditions.


6. Finish Off by Dehalogenization of Polymer Chain and Substitution with the -OH Grps.



   (L) OH-CH(CH(OH)2-C(OH)2-CO-O-CH[(CH(OH)2]-C(OH)2-CO-O-CH[CH(OH2)]-.......(R) 



   Monomeric subunit copolymerization in combination and chain elongation without use of             

   protection groups from [L] -> [R] in a group-reacted manner along the same direction.                                  

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Last update of this entry: September 14, 2023

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