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news archive November 2007

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  • Optimistic Neurons
    In rats given a choice between two rewards, neurons that predict the value of expected rewards responded as though the animal had chosen the best available reward, no matter what the rat actually did.
  • Immune Delivery Service
    Researchers have identified the cells responsible for rapid delivery of blood-borne antigens to specialized sites in the spleen.
  • Suppressing Allergy
    Researchers have identified a protein that blocks the release of chemical mediators that produce the symptoms of allergic reactions.
  • Mutation Identified In Neurodegenerative Disorder
    Individuals with a neurodegenerative disease called spinocerebellar ataxia 11 (SCA11) have mutations in a gene called TTBK2.
  • Gene Prevents Sudden Death In Mice After Infection
    Mice that lack a particular gene die suddenly and without overt signs of illness in response to an infection that is usually harmless.
  • Normal Cells Lead Tumour Cell Invasion
    Normal tissue cells called fibroblasts can help to form a path for invading carcinoma cells, and may thereby promote tumour metastasis.
  • Neural Crest Stem Cells On Tap
    Human embryonic stem cells have been coaxed into becoming neural crest stem cells, an important cell type in the developing embryo.
  • Holding Dormant Cancers In Check
    Online paper a crucial stage in the battle between cancer cells and the host's immunce sysen, at which point defences stall the expansion of cancer cells that may have managed to dodge past early immunosurveillance.
  • Shaping The Brain's Experience Of The World
    New research in rats now shows how the brain goes about the task of reordering to reorganize itself in response to experience.
  • Zooming In On Diabetes Susceptibility
    A paper reports use of newly available technology and huge numbers of patients to reveal two MHC genes that are implicated in the development of childhood diabetes.
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