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  BBA - Molecular Basis of Disease: May 1997 (Volume 1360, No 3)  
  May 24, 1997

virtual library in human genetics and molecular biology

J.R. Riordan, (Scottsdale, AZ)

ELsevier Science BV.
  Date of publishing: May, 1997  

BBA - Molecular Basis of Disease

Vol. 1360, No. 3 24 May 1997


Quantitative analysis of mitochondrial DNA deletion in
paraffin embedded muscle tissues from patients with KSS and
CPEO Kim, S.H., Chi, J.O., Reith, A. and Kadenbach, B. 193
Evidence for increased hydroxylation of pyrrolidone amino acid
residues in the cuticle of mature Onchocerca volvulus Sakwe,
A.M. and Titanji, V.P.K. 196
Purine nucleotide metabolism: specific aspects in chronic
lymphocytic leukemia lymphocytes Carlucci, F., Rosi, F., Di
Pietro, C., Marinello, E., Pizzichini, M. and Tabucchi, A.
Molecular bases of hexokinase deficiency Bianchi, M.,
Crinelli, R., Serafini, G., Giammarini, C. and Magnani, M.
Chemiluminescence and antioxidant levels during peroxisome
proliferation by fenofibrate Lores Arnaiz, S., Travacio, M.,
Monserrat, A.J., Cutrn, J.C., Llesuy, S. and Boveris, A.
The human peroxisomal multifunctional protein involved in bile
acid synthesis: activity measurement, deficiency in Zellweger
syndrome and chromosome mapping Novikov, D.,
Dieuaide-Noubhani1, M., Vermeesch, J.R., Fournier, B., P.
Mannaerts, G. and Van Veldhoven, P.P. 229
Association of malaria with inactivation of 1,3-galactosyl
transferase in catarrhines Ramasamy, R. and Rajakaruna, R.
Lead induced rise in intracellular free calcium is mediated
through activation of protein kinase C* in osteoblastic bone
cells Schanne, F.A.X., Long, G.J. and Rosen, J.F. 247
The effect of histological processing on the form of iron in
iron-loaded human tissues Chua-anusorn, W., Webb, J., J.
Macey, D., Pootrakul, P. and St. Pierre, T.G. 255
Polyunsaturated fat in the diet may improve intestinal
function in patients with Crohn's disease French, M.A.,
Parrott, A.M., Kielo, E.S., Rajotte, R.V., Wang, L.C.H., B.R.
Thomson, A. and Thomas Clandinin, M. 262
Failure of muscle energy metabolism in a patient with
adenylosuccinate lyase deficiency: an in vivo study by
phosphorus NMR spectroscopy Salerno, C., Iotti, S., Lodi,
R., Crif, C. and Barbiroli, B. 271
A mutant cell line resistant to Vibrio parahaemolyticus
thermostable direct hemolysin (TDH): its potential in
identification of putative receptor for TDH Tang, G., Iida,
T., Inoue, H., Yutsudo, M., Yamamoto, K. and Honda, T. 277

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Elsevier Science

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