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  BBA - Molecular Basis of Disease: July 1997 (Volume 1361, No 1)  
  July 10, 1997

virtual library in human genetics and molecular biology

Jack Riordan, (Scottsdale, AZ)
Elsevier Science BV.
  Date of publishing: July, 1997  

BBA - Molecular Basis of Disease

Vol. 1361, No. 1 10 July 1997


Palmitoyl-protein thioesterase deficiency in fibroblasts of
individuals with infantile neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis and
I-cell disease Verkruyse, L.A., Natowicz, M.R. and Hofmann,
S.L. 1
Sequence and structure of the human OXA1L gene and its
upstream elements R”tig, A., Parfait, B., Heidet, L.,
Dujardin, G., Rustin, P. and Munnich, A. 6
Molecular cloning of seprase: a serine integral membrane
protease from human melanoma Goldstein, L.A., Ghersi, G.,
Pi¤eiro-S nchez, M.L., Monica Salamone, Yeh, Y., Flessate, D.
and Chen, W.-T. 11
Cloning and characterization of the rat p130, a member of the
retinoblastoma gene family Sawada, Y., Nomura, H., Endo,
Y., Umeki, K., Teizo Fujita, Ohtaki, S. and Fujinaga, K. 20
Structure and differential target sensitivity of the
stimulable cytotoxic complex from hemolymph of the
Mediterranean mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis Hubert, F.,
Cooper, E.L. and Roch, P. 29
Severe hypoxemia in the absence of blood loss depresses
hepatocellular function and up-regulates IL-6 and PGE2 Wang,
P., Ba, Z.F. and H. Chaudry, I. 42
EPR investigations of the iron domain in neuromelanin Aime,
S., Bergamasco, B., Biglino, D., Digilio, G., Fasano, M.,
Giamello, E. and Lopiano, L. 49
NADH stimulates endogenous dopamine biosynthesis by enhancing
the recycling of tetrahydrobiopterin in rat phaeochromocytoma
cells Vrecko, K., Storga, D., Birkmayer, J.G.D., Reinhard
M”ller, Tafeit, E., Horejsi, R. and Reibnegger, G. 59
Late-infantile ceroid-lipofuscinosis: lysine methylation of
mitochondrial ATP synthase subunit c from lysosomal storage
bodies Katz, M.L., Siakotos, A.N., Gao, Q., Freiha, B. and
Chin, D.T. 66
Calcium and protein kinase C play a significant role in
response to Shigella toxin in rabbit ileum both in vivo and in
vitro Kaur, T., Singh, S., Verma, M. and Ganguly, N.K. 75
Cloning of the gp63 surface protease of Leishmania infantum
Differential post-translational modifications correlated with
different infective forms Gonz lez-Aseguinolaza, G.,
Almaz n, F., Rodrı´guez, J.F., Marquet, A. and
Larraga, V. 92
Sequestration of coenzyme A by the industrial surfactant,
Toximul MP8 A possible role in the inhibition of fatty-acid
-oxidation in a surfactant/influenza B virus mouse model for
acute hepatic encephalopathy Murphy, M.G., Crocker, J.F.S.,
Lee, S.H.S., Acott, P. and Her, H. 103
Mosquito midgut glycoproteins and recognition sites for
malaria parasites Ramasamy, R., Wanniarachchi, I.C.,
Alagaratnam Srikrishnaraj, K. and Ramasamy, M.S. 114

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Elsevier Science

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