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registry of biomedical companies

  May 28, 2024
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
Registry of biomedical companies:

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1440 Barberry Drive
Port Coquitlam
Toll free: +011-604-941-9022 (help-line)

Phone: +011-604-945-8408
Fax: +011-604-941-9022 (FAX)


Bio-Kerosene AtJ(r4) & AtJ(r5).  Biokerosene produced from farmable agave cropping in semi-arid climes like Mexico and sub-Saharan Africa (here part of the movement to help keep dessertification in check). The rxn. scheme is given below and is aimed at controlled volume-mixed rxn. timing via a theoretical die-fitted tortioned cavity mixer in process automation.

The developed PNA-auxin driven precision cropped agave sap and fibre, cane juice or bagasse fibre stream is from over-production (factory volume and as side-streamed from energy application and for automative "gasohol") with further conversion/refining to biokerosene for "green" aviation applications. This will be domestically produced initially for the Philippines and other countries like Mexico, the Atacama Dessert nr Uruguay and around Arabia, North, and sub-Saharan Africa in the Continent but then expanded via subsidiary to foreign aviation destinations via depoting. These are the plans for AtJ(r1-silvicultured pulp, r2-bagasse from sugarcane, r3-methane product from fossil fuel, r4-agave, r5-aloe vera).

Another zone SkyeBlue is earmarking is the semi-Arid regions of the Sudan and Ethiopia with attention to its SDGs for promoting emerging Energy Crops with aloe vera and agave plants outside Arabia (e. g. Saudia Arabia, Oman) with their well-regarded agricultural research centre in Addis Ababa for African development programmes.



Aloe vera is the second abundant and sustainable crop cultivatable in dry, arid climes like agave and produces the nacre of aceto-mannans which can be converted by fermenting the acetate side group off the mannan backbone and with a yeast construct to bio-ethanol from mannose residues. (Cf.: https://biotechnologyforbiofuels.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s13068-016-0600-4#:~:text=The%20constructed%20yeast%20cells%20successfully%20hydrolyzed%201%2C4-%CE%B2-%20d,continually%20during%20the%20third%20batch%20of%20repeated%20fermentation.) 


SKYEVIEW: The SkyeBlue Network is growing with our corporate planning representative who has exclusive holder/comptroller privileges to the initial USD$100M seed monies with a vision to eventually HQ the facilities in Denver, CO USA in addition to AZ and NM in the Southwestern United states.  Initial feedstock R&D will begin near Guerrero State, Mexico with agave, a well-respected state for Tequila manufacturing already.  Capital outlays will continue with our corporate's support of a: "Keep African Continent Strong," policy and eventual growth to USD$17B amortification (for e. g. arid regions in N. Africa- Morocco, Algiers, Tunisia; the African Sahel- Western and Southern regions); Arabia- Saudi Arabia, Oman and surrounding regions with their initiatives in semi-arid/saline horticulture.  There will also be diversification to Uruguay and cultivation in semi-arid conditions of the Atacama Desert.  The operational manager of this initiative will spearhead the project for XL fast-growing varieties to make a break even economic profit margin for both agave and the other experimental crop to follow for the aloe vera plant also used for cosmetics and naturalsceutica.  The original "schema" for manufacturing based on this "formule" was sold under agreement for a USD$1 as an idea invention with commercial rights reserved for future development and use depending on continued growth in avionics as an industry. 

(c) 2023-2050. Skye Blue Internet. Port Coquitlam B. C. Canada. 


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Last update of this entry: July 18, 2023

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