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news archive September 2003

your information resource in human molecular genetics
2003-09-30 2003-09-29 2003-09-28
  • Software Tackles Protein Pathways
    PathBLAST searches the yeast protein-protein interaction network to identify all protein interaction pathways that align with a pathway query.
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  • Timing Sleep And Wakefulness
    Sleep homeostatic processes, which cause the urge to sleep to depend on prior amounts of sleep or wakefulness, influence the circadian clock.
  • Fatty Recruiters
    Scientists have discovered how T cells home to problem areas in the body.
  • Uric Acid Signals Danger
    Uric acid may signal the immune system to warn it of impending danger.
  • Yellow Mice Help Pin-Point Gene Mutations
    Researchers hope that a new genetic technique that helps pin-point mutations on specific chromosomes will help us to understand human gene function, and the role of genes in disease.
  • Slimming Drug Explained
    Scientists are beginning to understand how OEA, a naturally occurring compound that stops mice from overeating, has its effects.
  • Key Blind Mice
    Research highlights the importance of a DNA-degrading enzyme that helps developing lenses to remain clear.

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