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Tools for conversion of IDs in genomics

  August, 21 2009 11:48
your information resource in human molecular genetics
Due to the large number of databases and associated IDs, the conversion of gene identifiers is one of the initial and central steps in many workflows related to genomic data analysis.

There are several freely available ID conversion tools. We present here a list of some of these online servers that allow an automatic processing of large gene lists.

An initial comparison of the output given by some of these tools shows that there are differences in their performances for some ID conversions.

In addition, there are differences in the types of possible inputs and outputs (Ensembl, HGNC, EntrezGene, RefSeq, UniGene, etc) for these tools.


Babelomics ID-Converter


Clone/Gene ID Converter


DAVID Gene ID Conversion Tool


g:Profiler Gene ID Converter


ID Converter System




A comparison test of the performance of six tools for ID conversion



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Diego Forero, MD

Editor, hum-molgen.org

Message posted by: Diego Forero

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