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The World Life Sciences Forum (ed.). 2005. Health for All?

  November, 16 2005 6:18
new and historical books in bioscience and medicine
The World Life Sciences Forum (ed.)
1. Edition - October 2005
99.- Euro / 158.- SFR
2005. XXXVI, 486 Pages, 3 Volumes, Hardcover
- General Reading -
ISBN 3-527-31489-X - Wiley-VCH, Weinheim

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Detailed description

The definitive report and only print publication to come from the World Life Sciences Forum -- the most important global event in the biosciences, backed by the United Nations and the expertise of 20 Nobel Laureates. The contributors are representatives from global companies in pharma/health, biotechnology, food and consulting/finance and numerous UN organizations such as WHO, FAO, UNESCO, UNEP, as well as NGOs and national authorities. Three volumes each discuss the most important areas in global development: human health, agriculture and nutrition, bioindustry and environment.
The result is a cross-disciplinary and international insight packed with facts not available from any other source. It includes the official recommendations from the interactive discussion sessions held during the Forum.
Of benefit to professionals and decision makers in diverse fields, and essential reading for stem cell researchers and stock brokers, drug manufacturers and politicians. In short: everyone who is professionally involved with human livelihood and well-being.

From the contents

introduction by G. T. Keusch, Boston University; K. Chandra Gautam, UNICEF; G. R. Siber, Wyeth Research

Module I Is the Investment in New Therapies Paying off?
contributions by Z. Chen, Chinese Genome Institute; C. A. De Quadros, Sabin Vaccine Institute; P. Corr, Pfizer

Module II Developing, Manufacturing and Using Vaccines: Which One is Most Critical?
contributions by Sir G. Nossal, University of Melbourne; J. F. Martin, Global Fund for Children's Vaccines; J. Stephenne, GSK Biologicals

Module III Bioethics: What is the Tradeoff Between Principles and People?
contributions by P. Kourilsky, Institut Pasteur; H. M. Coovadia, KwaZulu-Natal University; P. Paradiso, Wyeth

introduction by M. Gale, John Innes Centre; R. C. Offenheiser, Oxfam America; F. G. Bastiaens, Cargill

Module I Agriculture: Livelihood, Politics and Sustainability
contributions by P. Pinstrup-Andersen, Danish Science Council; P. Bloomer, Oxfam International; B. Garthoff, Bayer CropScience

Module II Access to Food for All
contributions by I. Potrykus, Swiss Institute of Technology; K. Ammann, Bern Botanical Garden; R. Rangel-Aldao, Empresas Polar

Module III Feeding 9 Billion People by 2050
contributions by P. Raven, Missouri Botanical Garden; F. Wambugu, Africa Harvest; R. Flavell, Ceres

introduction by R. Colwell, Johns Hopkins University; M. Oborne, OECD; F. Sijbesma, DSM

Module I Industrial Biotechnology - Hopes, Fears, and Challenges
contributions by K. Timmis, German Research Centre for Biotechnology; M. Godbout, Genome Canada; A. Hackenberger, BASF

Module II Climate and Health
contributions by T. L. Yates, University of New Mexico; T. McMichael, Australian Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health; S. Riisgaard, Novozymes A/S

Module III New Engergy Development
contributions by C. Venter, Center for the Advancement of Genomics; A. J. J. Rwendeire, UNIDO; J. J. Bienaime, Genencor

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