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  Genes & Function: February 1997 (Volume 1, No 1)  
  February 26, 1997

virtual library in human genetics and molecular biology

Frank G Grosveld
Erasmus University Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Blackwell Science Ltd
  Date of publishing: February, 1997  


Genes and Function
F G Grosveld


L Wolpert


Selective roles for TATA-binding-protein-associated factors in vivo
K Struhl


The level of the tissue-specific factor GATA-1 affects the cell-cycle machinery
D J Whyatt, A Karis, I C Harkes, A Verkerk, N Gillemans, A G Elefanty, G Vairo, R Ploemacher, F Grosveld & S Philipsen

Genomic regions regulating imprinting and insulin-like growth factor-II promoter 3 activity in transgenics: novel enhancer and silencer elements
A Ward, R Fisher, L Richardson, J Pooler, S Squire, P Bates, R Shaposhnikov, N Hayward, M Thurston & C F Graham

Genetic and molecular characterization of murine GATA-1 in Aspergillus defines a critical role for the N-terminal finger
M X Caddick, D G Peters, P Hooley & A Nayler

Reprogramming the signalling requirement for AP-1 (activator protein-1) activation during differentiation of precursor CD4+ T-cells into effector Th1 and Th2 cells
M Rincon, B Derijard, C-W Chou, R J Davis & R A Flavell

Reregulated inflammatory response in mice lacking the STK/RON receptor tyrosine kinase
P H Corelli, A Iwama, S Tondat, G Mayrhofer, T Suda & A Bernstein

Genome Progress Report

Portland Press Ltd and Blackwell Science Ltd, the Genetical Society and the Physiological Society

Genes and Function is published by Portland Press and Blackwell Science, in conjunction with the Genetical Society and the Physiological Society

Genes and Function is published bimonthly, ISSN 1360-7413

For further information please contact: Anna Rivers
Blackwell Science
Osney Mead
Oxford OX2 0EL, UK
  Posted by:   Anna Rivers (blacksci)  
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