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  Genes & Developement: Vol 10, Issue 17  
  September 01, 1996

virtual library in human genetics and molecular biology

T. Grodzicker (Cold Spring Harbor)
N. Hastie (Edinburgh)

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
  Date of publishing: September, 1996  

Research papers

The rise and fall of apoptosis during multistage tumorigenesis: down-modulation contributes to tumor progression from angiogenic progenitors
Paul Naik, Juliana Karrim, and Douglas Hanahan 2105

Diversity and specialization of mammalian SWI/SNF complexes
Weidong Wang, Yutong Xue, Sharleen Zhou, Ann Kuo, Bradley R. Cairns, and Gerald R. Crabtree 2117

Essential role of Swp73p in the function of yeast Swi/Snf complex
Bradley R. Cairns, Randy S. Levinson, Keith R. Yamamoto, and Roger D. Kornberg 2131

Conjugating plasmids are preferred targets for Tn7 Catherine
A. Wolkow, Robert T. DeBoy, and Nancy L. Craig 2145

Exon coconversion biases accompanying intron homing: battle of the nucleases
John E. Mueller, Dorie Smith, and Marlene Belfort 2158

Ras1 signaling and transcriptional competence in the R7 cell of Drosophila
Rachele C. Kauffmann, Songhui Li, Paulette A. Gallagher, Jianjun Zhang, and Richard W. Carthew 2167

Oskar protein interaction with Vasa represents an essential step in polar granule assembly
Wolfgang Breitwieser, Finn-Hugo Markussen, Heinz Horstmann, and Anne Ephrussi 2179

The Caenorhabditis elegans gene lin-17, which is required for certain asymmetric cell divisions, encodes a putative seven-transmembrane protein similar to the Drosophila Frizzled protein
Hitoshi Sawa, Leslie Lobel, and H. Robert Horvitz 2189

Pax-5 (BSAP) recruits Ets proto-oncogene family proteins to form functional ternary complexes on a B-cell-specific promoter
Daniel Fitzsimmons, Wendy Hodsdon, William Wheat, Sauveur-Michel Maira, Bohdan Wasylyk, and James Hagman

The product of the mouse nude locus, Whn, regulates the balance between epithelial cell growth and differentiation
Janice L. Brissette, Jie Li, Jun Kamimura, David Lee, and G. Paolo Dotto 2212

A hierarchy of SSB protomers in replication protein A
Doranelly Philipova, Janet R. Mullen, Hina S. Maniar, Jian Lu, Chunyan Gu, and Steven J. Brill 2222

For further information please contact: Judy Cuddihy
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
Managing Editor, Journals

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