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  EMBO-Journal: 1 October 1996 (Volume 15, No 19)  
  October 01, 1996

virtual library in human genetics and molecular biology

Editor in chief: Moshe Yaniv
Executive editors: John Tooze, ICRF , Iain Mattaj, EMBL

Oxford University Press
  Date of publishing: October, 1996  
  ISSN 0261 - 4189

  • Crystal structure of NH3-dependent NAD+ synthetase from Bacillus subtilis
  • M. Rizzi, C. Nessi, A. Mattevi, A. Coda, M. Bolognesi and A. Galizzi

    Pages: 5125 - 5133

  • Crystal structure of enoyl-coenzyme A (CoA) hydratase at 2.5 Å resolution: a spiral fold defines the CoA-binding pocket
  • CK. Engel, M. Mathieu, JP. Zeelen, JK. Hiltunen

    Pages: 5135 - 5145

  • The mechanism of protein splicing and its modulation by mutation
  • MQ. Xu and FB. Perler

    Pages: 5146 - 5153

  • Site-directed mutagenesis and structural interpretation of the nidogen binding site of the laminin [gamma]1 chain
  • E. Poschl, U. Mayer and R. Timpl

    Pages: 5154 - 5159

  • Tal-1 induces T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia accelerated by casein kinase II[alpha]
  • MA. Kelliher and P. Leder

    Pages: 5160 - 5166

  • CrmA expression in T lymphocytes of transgenic mice inhibits CD95 (Fas/APO-1)-transduced apoptosis, but does not cause lymphadenopathy or autoimmune disease
  • KGC. Smith, A. Strasser and DL. Vaux

    Pages: 5167 - 5176

  • A slow sustained increase in cytosolic Ca2+ levels mediates stalk gene induction by differentiation inducing factor Dictyostelium
  • P. Schaap

    Pages: 5177 - 5183

  • The Aspergillus FlbA RGS domain protein antagonizes G protein signaling to block proliferation and allow development
  • JH. Yu, J. Wieser and TH. Adams

    Pages: 5184 - 5190

  • Status of YopM and YopN in the Yersinia Yop virulon: YopM of Y. enterocolitica is internalized inside the cytosol of PU5-1.8 macrophages by the YopB, D, N delivery apparatus
  • A. Boland, MP. Sory, M. Iriarte, C. Kerbourch, P. Wattiau and GR. Cornelis

    Pages: 5191 - 5201

  • In vivo membrane assembly of the E. coli polytopic protein, melibiose permease, occurs via a Sec-independent process which requires the protonmotive force
  • M. Bassilana and C. Gwizdek

    Pages: 5202 - 5208

  • Targeting of signal sequenceless proteins for export in Escherichia coli with altered protein translocase
  • WA. Prinz, C. Spiess

    Pages: 5209 - 5217

  • The [beta]-amyloid domain is essential for axonal sorting of amyloid precursor protein
  • PJ. Tienari, B. De Strooper, E. Ikonen and CG. Dotti

    Pages: 5218 - 5229

  • The tyrosine-based lysosomal targeting signal in lamp-1 mediates sorting into Golgi-derived clathrin-coated vesicles
  • S. Honing

    Pages: 5230 - 5239

  • Human palmitoyl protein thioesterase: evidence for lysosomal targeting of the enzyme and disturbed cellular routing in infantile neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis
  • E. Hellsten, J. Vesa, VM. Olkkonen

    Pages: 5240 - 5245

  • Misdivision analysis of centromere structure in maize
  • E. Kaszas and JA. Birchler

    Pages: 5246 - 5255

  • Direct inhibition of the signaling functions of the mammalian target of rapamycin by the phosphoinositide 3-kinase inhibitors, wortmannin and LY294002
  • GJ. Brun and RT. Abraham

    Pages: 5256 - 5267

  • The role of proteolysis in cell cycle progression in Schizosaccharomyces pombe
  • H. Yamano, J. Gannon and T. Hunt

    Pages: 5268 - 5279

  • The proteolysis of mitotic cyclins in mammalian cells persists from the end of mitosis until the onset of S phase
  • M. Brandeis and T. Hunt

    Pages: 5280 - 5289

  • Oncoprotein 18 is a phosphorylation-responsive regulator of microtubule dynamics
  • U. Marklund, N. Larsson, HM. Gradin, G. Brattsand

    Pages: 5290 - 5298

  • Mutation of a Src phosphorylation site in the PDGF [beta]-receptor leads to increased PDGF-stimulated chemotaxis but decreased mitogenesis
  • K. Hansen

    Pages: 5299 - 5313

  • Dephosphorylation of receptor tyrosine kinases as target of regulation by radiation, oxidants or alkylating agents
  • A. Knebel, HJ. Rahmsdorf, A. Ullrich and P. Herrlich

    Pages: 5314 - 5325

  • N-WASP, a novel actin-depolymerizing protein, regulates the cortical cytoskeletal rearrangement in a PIP2-dependent manner downstream of tyrosine kinases
  • H. Miki, K. Miura

    Pages: 5326 - 5335

  • PPAR[alpha] and PPAR[gamma] activators direct a distinct tissue-specific transcriptional response via a PPRE in the lipoprotein lipase gene
  • K. Schoonjans, J. Peinado-Onsurbe

    Pages: 5336 - 5348

  • MDMX: a novel p53-binding protein with some functional properties of MDM2
  • A. Shvarts, WT. Steegenga, N. Riteco, T. van Laar, P. Dekker, M. Bazuine, RCA. van Ham, W. van der Houven van Oordt, G. Hateboer

    Pages: 5349 - 5357

  • Zinc finger-mediated protein interactions modulate Ikaros activity, a molecular control of lymphocyte development
  • L. Sun, A. Liu

    Pages: 5358 - 5369

  • Purification and biochemical heterogeneity of the mammalian SWI-SNF complex
  • W. Wang, J. Cote

    Pages: 5370 - 5382

  • Hoxb-2 transcriptional activation in rhombomeres 3 and 5 requires an evolutionarily conserved cis-acting element in addition to the Krox-20 binding site
  • C. Vesque

    Pages: 5383 - 5396

  • High resolution mapping of E. coli transcription elongation complex in situ reveals protein interactions with the non-transcribed strand
  • M. Guerin, M. Leng and AR. Rahmouni

    Pages: 5397 - 5407

  • A nuclear role for the Fragile X mental retardation protein
  • RA. Fridell and BR. Cullen

    Pages: 5408 - 5414

  • Novel exploitation of a nuclear function by influenza virus: the cellular SF2/ASF splicing factor controls the amount of the essential viral M2 ion channel protein in infected cells
  • SR. Shih

    Pages: 5415 - 5427

  • Cis-element, oriR, involved in the initiation of (-) strand poliovirus RN: a quasi-globular multi-domain RNA structure maintained by tertiary ('kissing') interactions
  • EV. Pilipenko, KV. Poperechny, SV. Maslova and VI. Agol

    Pages: 5428 - 5436

  • The yeast protein Arc1p binds to tRNA and functions as a cofactor for the methionyl- and glutamyl-tRNA synthetases
  • G. Simos, A. Segref, F. Fasiolo

    Pages: 5437 - 5448

  • Influence of DNA geometry on transcriptional activation in Escherichia coli
  • S. Dethiollaz, P. Eichenberger and J. Geiselmann

    Pages: 5449 - 5458

  • Counteracting the mutagenic effect of hydrolytic deamination of DNA 5-methylcytosine residues at high temperature: DNA mismatch N-glycosylase Mig.Mth of the thermophilic archaeon Methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum THF
  • JP. Horst and HJ. Fritz

    Pages: 5459 - 5469

  • A purified mariner transposase is sufficient to mediate transposition in vitro
  • DJ. Lampe and HM. Robertson

    Pages: 5470 - 5479

    he EMBO Journal is published 24 times a year by Oxford University Press on behalf of the European Molecular Biology Organisation.

    The papers listed above will appear in the 1st October issue.

    Copyright in the table of contents listed above is held by Oxford University Press, but you are welcome to circulate it further, provided that Oxford University Press is credited as publisher and copyright holder.

    For further information please contact: Richard Gedye
    Oxford University Press
    Walton Street
    Oxford OX2 6DP
    United Kingdom
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