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  EMBO-Journal: 16 September 1996 (Volume 15, No 18)  
  September 16, 1996

virtual library in human genetics and molecular biology

Editor in chief: Moshe Yaniv
Executive editors: John Tooze, ICRF , Iain Mattaj, EMBL

Oxford University Press
  Date of publishing: September, 1996  
  ISSN 0261 - 4189

  • Intrinsic versus imposed curvature in cyclical oligomers: the portal protein of bacteriophage SPP1
  • M. van Heel, EV. Orlova, P. Dube and P. Tavares

    Pages: 4785 - 4788

  • Target cell specificity of a bacteriocin molecule: a C-terminal signal directs lysostaphin to the cell wall of Staphylococcus aureus
  • T. Baba and O. Schneewind

    Pages: 4789 - 4797

  • Membrane topology and multimeric structure of a mechanosensitive channel protein of Escherichia coli
  • P. Blount and C. Kung

    Pages: 4798 - 4805

  • Structure-function analysis of the Escherichia coli GrpE heat shock protein
  • B. Wu, A. Wawrzynow and C. Georgopoulos

    Pages: 4806 - 4816

  • HLA-DO is a lysosomal resident which requires association with HLA-DM for efficient intracellular transport
  • M. Liljedahl, T. Kuwana, WP. Fung-Leung, MR. Jackson, PA. Peterson and L. Karlsson

    Pages: 4817 - 4824

  • The fork head product directly specifies the tissue-specific hormone responsiveness of the Drosophila Sgs-4 gene
  • M. Lehmann and G. Korge

    Pages: 4825 - 4834

  • The structure-function relationships in Drosophila neurotactin show that cholinesterasic domains may have adhesive properties
  • I. Darboux

    Pages: 4835 - 4843

  • Native structure and arrangement of inositol-1,4,5-trisphosphate receptor molecules in bovine cerebellar Purkinje cells as studied by quick-freeze deep-etch electron microscopy
  • E. Katayama

    Pages: 4844 - 4851

  • Underexpression of the 43 kDa inositol polyphosphate 5-phosphatase is associated with cellular transformation
  • CJ. Speed and CA. Mitchell

    Pages: 4852 - 4861

  • Inactivation of Btk by insertion of lacZ reveals defects in B cell development only past the pre-B cell stage
  • RW. Hendriks, MFTR. de Bruijn

    Pages: 4862 - 4872

  • The conserved mitotic kinase polo is regulated by phosphorylation and has preferred microtubule-associated substrates in Drosophila embryo extracts
  • AAM. Tavares, DM. Glover and CE. Sunkel

    Pages: 4873 - 4883

  • Cdc48p interacts with Ufd3p, a WD repeat protein required for ubiquitin-mediated proteolysis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  • M. Ghislain

    Pages: 4884 - 4899

  • Plant cells contain a novel member of the retinoblastoma family of growth regulatory proteins
  • Q. Xie, AP. Sanz-Burgos, GJ. Hannon

    Pages: 4900 - 4908

  • Association of inhibitory tyrosine protein kinase p50csk with protein tyrosine phosphatase PEP in T cells and other hemopoietic cells
  • JF. Cloutier and A. Veillette

    Pages: 4909 - 4918

  • The second immunoglobulin-like domain of the VEGF tyrosine kinase receptor Flt-1 determines ligand binding and may initiate a signal transduction cascade
  • T. Davis-Smyth, H. Chen, J. Park, LG. Presta

    Pages: 4919 - 4927

  • Identification of a novel receptor/signal transduction pathway for IL-15/T in mast cells
  • Y. Tagaya, JD. Burton, Y. Miyamoto and TA. Waldmann

    Pages: 4928 - 4939

  • Requirement of phospholipase C[gamma], the tyrosine phosphatase Syp and the adaptor proteins Shc and Nck for PDGF-induced DNA synthesis: evidence for the existence of Ras-dependent and Ras-independent pathways
  • S. Roche, M. McGlade, M. Jones, T. Pawson and SA. Courtneidge

    Pages: 4940 - 4948

  • Effects on differentiation by the promyelocytic leukemia PML/RAR[alpha] protein depend on the fusion of the PML protein dimerization and RAR[alpha] DNA binding domains
  • F. Grignani, C. Peschle and PG. Pelicci

    Pages: 4949 - 4958

  • Differential association of HMG1 and linker histones B4 and H1 with dinucleosomal DNA: structural transitions and transcriptional repression
  • K. Yra, K. Nightingale and AP. Wolffe

    Pages: 4959 - 4969

  • Coordinated and differential expression of histone-like proteins in Escherichia coli regulation and function of the H-NS analog StpA
  • B. Sonden and BE. Uhlin

    Pages: 4970 - 4980

  • HMG1 interacts with HOX proteins and enhances their DNA binding and transcriptional activation
  • V. Zappavigna and ME. Bianchi

    Pages: 4981 - 4991

  • A molecular code dictates sequence-specific DNA recognition by homeodomains
  • G. Damante

    Pages: 4992 - 5000

  • Coordinated regulation of gene expression by the cell cycle transcription factor SW14 and the protein kinase C MAP kinase pathway for yeast cell integrity
  • JC. Igual

    Pages: 5001 - 5013

  • E47 activates the Ig-heavy chain and TdT loci in non-B cells
  • JK. Choi, CP. Shen

    Pages: 5014 - 5021

  • hTAFII68, a novel RNA/ssDNA-binding protein with homology to the pro-oncoproteins TLS/FUS and EWS is associated with both TFIID and RNA polymerase II
  • A. Bertolotti, Y. Lutz, DJ. Heard, P. Chambon and L. Tora

    Pages: 5022 - 5031

  • A direct interaction between a DNA-tracking protein and a promoter recognition protein: implications for searching DNA sequence
  • RL. Tinker-Kulberg, TJ. Fu, EP. Geiduschek and GA. Kassavetis

    Pages: 5032 - 5039

  • Complementary change in cis determinants and trans factors in the evolution of an mRNP stability complex
  • X. Wang

    Pages: 5040 - 5051

  • In vivo dissection of cis-acting determinants for plastid RNA editing
  • R. Bock, M. Hermann and H. KosselDec'd

    Pages: 5052 - 5059

  • Transfer RNA structural change is a key element in the reassignment of the CUG codon in Candida albicans
  • MAS. Santos, VM. Pereau and MF. Tuite

    Pages: 5060 - 5068

  • Arginine aminoacylation identity is context-dependent and ensured by alternate recognition sets in the anticodon loop of accepting tRNA transcripts
  • M. Sissler, R. Giege and C. Florentz

    Pages: 5069 - 5076

  • A plant viral coat protein RNA binding consensus sequence contains a crucial arginine
  • P. Ansel-McKinney, SW. Scott, X. Ge and L. Gehrke

    Pages: 5077 - 5084

  • The initiator protein E1 binds to the bovine papillomavirus origin of replication as a trimeric ring-like structure
  • J. Sedman and A. Stenlund

    Pages: 5085 - 5092

  • Saccharomyces cerevisiae Ku70 potentiates illegitimate DNA double-strand break repair and serves as a barrier to error-prone DNA repair pathways
  • SJ. Boulton and SP. Jackson

    Pages: 5093 - 5103

  • Linear diffusion of the restriction endonuclease EcoRV on DNA is essential for the in vivo function of the enzyme
  • A. Jeltsch, C. Wenz, F. Stahl and A. Pingoud

    Pages: 5104 - 5111

  • IS10/Tn10 transposition efficiently accommodates diverse transposon end configurations
  • RM. Chalmers and N. Kleckner

    Pages: 5112 - 5122

    The EMBO Journal is published 24 times a year by Oxford University Press on behalf of the European Molecular Biology Organisation.

    The papers listed above will appear in the 16th September issue.

    Copyright in the table of contents listed above is held by Oxford University Press, but you are welcome to circulate it further, provided that Oxford University Press is credited as publisher and copyright holder.

    For further information please contact: Richard Gedye
    Oxford University Press
    Walton Street
    Oxford OX2 6DP
    United Kingdom
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