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  Community Genetics: Volume 2, No. 1, 1999  
  October 20, 1999

virtual library in human genetics and molecular biology

L. P. ten Kate, Amsterdam

S. Karger AG
  Date of publishing: October, 1999  


Ethical Issues in Molecular Screening for Heterozygous Familial Hypercholesterolemia: The Complexity of Dealing with Genetic Susceptibility to Coronary Artery Disease
Daniel Gaudet, Claude Gagné, Patrice Perron, Patrick Couture, Serena Tonstad

Prenatal Screening and the Reduction of Birth Defects in Populations
Patricia A. Baird

Original Papers
Down Syndrome and Parity
M. Clementi, S. Bianca, F. Benedicenti, R. Tenconi

Analysis of the Population Structure in Oman
Anna Rajab, Michael A. Patton

Screening for Alpha-Thalassemia-1 Heterozygotes in Expecting Couples by the Combination of a Simple Erythrocyte Osmotic Fragility Test and a PCR-Based Method
Torpong Sanguansermsri, Nonglak Phumyu, Surasit Chomchuen, Heinrich F.Steger

Genetic, Epidemiologic and Social Features of Colour Blindness
A. Tagarelli, A. Piro, G. Tagarelli

Study of 290 Cases of Polyhydramnios and Congenital Malformations in a Series of 225,669 Consecutive Births
Claude G. Stoll, Marie-Paule Roth, Béatrice Dott, Yves Alembik

The UK's Policies on Genetic Testing for Late-Onset Disorders
Neil A. Holtzman

Commissioning Clinical Genetic Services in the UK
H. Kääriäinen

Letters to the Editor
Development and Use of a National Haemoglobinopathy Register in Oman
Anna Rajab, Michael A. Patton

Screening for Female Fragile X Premutation and Full Mutation Carriers
Maria Isabel Tejada, Mercedes Duran

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