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  July 16, 2024
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
Registry of biomedical companies:

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Duma Star Food Service & Delivery of Canada

1440 Barberry Drive
Port Coquitlam

Phone: 16049458408
Fax: 16049419022


Duma Star Food Service & Delivery is based out of Vancouver's GVRD, British Columbia CANADA.

We thought we'd share at 'SkyeBlue' Servicing from Outlets designated for proprietorship and also franchised servicing: 

  • Gourmet and Deli for Supermarkets, Kitchens, Caterers, Butchers and Meat Shoppes.
  • Community Food recovery. Before expiry excess stores at local retailers from Bakeries, Restaurants, and Supermarkets for Community Kitchens, Youth Hostels or Lodgings, Food Banks and Food Delivery for Social Development and Helps.
  • Airline Food Kitchens in outlying and on site location (e. g. Airports).
  • Fast food delivery services for our dietetic food lines from ''SkyeBlue''.
  • Fast food outlets.
  • Caterers and Bakery for Cafes, Restaurants, Concessions (e. g. Food Trucks), Company Cafeterias.
  • Gourmet and Deli Dietetics Food Line.
  • Meals on Wheels by Community Social Groups and Charities.
  • Supermarkets or grocery stores and corner stores. 
  • Cafes, Hotels, Cafeterias or Food Courts.


Day delivery to establishments. There are already colleagues to corroborate or collaborate with for R&D food line mfging and catering.

Starting line: desserts (e. g. cheesecake), cakes (extra moist), pastries, muffins, cookies, and prepared sweets, candies or confections, e. g. creamed icings, and to taffy (with a taste or bight from acidic inclusion like citrus lemon or lime or lime rounds). Gravies (beef broth based with a bight from acidic inclusion as before) and other sauces food lines (- see this website: Josephus & Sons Foods of Canada).


SKYEVIEW: We would like to announce here the operational start-up of a local Uber-EZ cartage service in the Vancouver GVRD=BCD+outlying area municipalities (e. g. Surrey, Burnaby, North Vancouver, Richmond, Port Coquitlam- Tri-cities+PittMdws+MplRdg+ Mission+Abbortsford, Chilliwack-Hope) with our proposed Dietetic Order Fulfillment Door-to-Door Service, in addition to the Airport In-flight alternative for regular and specialized dietetic entrees.  This represents Duma Star's first attempt to sell packaged services to a franchisee's services territory. (See: the latest developments from J. W. & Sons Foods in Canada and do not miss our desktop foodie Anglo-Pinoy cookbook for daily living at: https://dannnnflores5.wixsite.com/foodies. 

SKYEVIEW: There is big news "down the wire" that we might be on the verge of drug discovery for sweeteners/fillers like fructan oligosaccharide and fructose/glucose saccharides regards the enteroendocrine hormones in the lower gut of incretins (there are two now studied) that are activatable by glucose (fructans are digestible microbially in the distal end of the lower gut of the colon) and eventually via the portal vein and afferents (brain-pancreas-gut axis) secretion at the pancreas of insulin to the duodenum. We pose the question here of how incretin is back-regulated and by what in the duodenum whether it be by proteases, FBI, down-regulation at the expression of DNA level or via motifed peptides on these peptides, an unknown mechanism proposed at this time.  Are there in fact dietary peptides, e. g., in WSC or sugar bearing vegetables such as green leafy vegetables and legumes, that are protective against T2DM and atheroclerosis / heart disease that modulate incretin on transmembrane action on glucose in epithelium cells and eventually insulin secretion against T2DM and related heart disease. We at 'SkyeBlue' are already preparing for new possible diet soft drinks which we dub here in fruitty fun Frezeca(R) in cool spearmint tea, apple-ginger ale and pamplemousse (grape fruite-cranberry), as examples with these fructan sugars, Splenda(R) and these "veggie-fruit" peptides similar to what is recognized now as salmon/tuna peptides for heart health in tandem with PUFAs which we would like to both address at "SkyeBlue". 

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Last update of this entry: May 03, 2023

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