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registry of biomedical companies

  June 04, 2020
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
Registry of biomedical companies:

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Raccoon Info-Systems

An SBO Company

Phone: 1-604-945-8408
Fax: 1-604-941-9022
E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


We are in the process of consulting future licensing manufacturers for subsidiaries.

We are gathering business intelligence near Boston, MA USA that our LED laser can be developed in the USA (with Raccoon InfoSyse as the Canadian & Philippine manufacturing subsidiaries).

We will contact candidates to be licensed exclusively with use of our dye-tagged denaturing polyacrylamide electrophoretic (DT-DPAGE) protocol which beats the competition for fast turn around of our gel runs and ease of use otherwise not available and will facilitate faster multiple runs for high-throughput proteomic analysis.

Additionally it is requisite that the electrophoretic mechanism be "pulsed" to define greater resolution and finer discrete gel bands for direct visual ID and reading capacity through the laser reader. 

Design of our digital densitometric scanner also called the PS2 Rubicon Digitizer provides two (2) formats:

(1) DM = desktop mounted for lab bench

(2) M = mobile dedicated device for biofermentation design, scale-up and prototyping and routine monitoring for production

And can define DNA Sequencing in variable size formatting. It is likely the first invited use will be for pharma application at our subsidiary covered by Armsdale (see: this website).


I LASER's Defn. = light amplified by stimulated emission of radiation

   -Laser is a photonic pulsed laser with focused, sensitive, specific and multiple readings and is accurate.


II LASER Specs.:

The laser specified for this dye-tagged PAGE application (an ene-azo dye tag) is made up of a Argon (Ar) gas laser device with major emitt ing bandwidths of 488nm and 514nm possibly where the pink to red dye-tag absorbs. We have yet to determine the absorption spectrum of the ene-azo dye-tag making the laser preliminary in choice but keeping in mind the absorption part of the spectrum is broad and powerful at 400 and 550 nm visual. 


III  MODEL of a Digital Laser Densitometer (Multiplex): GE Amersham Molecular Dynamics Typhoon 9410 Molecular Imager

(Google this entry title for link.) 


IV LASER DEVICE's Configuration: 

Device is comprised of: a) a solid-state laser(s), Argon (g), b) arcylate sandwich assembly, c) pre-sampling 'kit' (analytes) and d) slotted detector. The translucent gel bands are coloured 'pink' with the laser in major track vs guide mode to make a fixe or balance point by difference.

Cassette (acrylate) is premade together with sample 'kits' using PAGE gel inserts loaded from ontop and run vertically (gravitationally) like a PlayStation 2 (PS2) (R) configured game boy. The laser is shot from behind with detector/chromator slotted in front position together with its WiFi capability. 

Apart from being largely solid-state the reader's laser is servo motor driven via electronic control. 

     LASER & BEAM - to be discussed elsewhere. 

     DETECTOR - IC - integrated processor.

     DATA PROCESSING - Data print out from electronic controlled device.

     MODES OF OPERATION - Prep and analytical.

     MAIN COMPUTER - to be HQ'd in a country like Japan with data servers available.

     SOFTWARE - Contracted out to London-based subsidiary run in the Philippines.  

SKYEVIEW: There is news reaching SkyeBlue of experiments involving livestock cattle and water buffaloes ("carabaos") on SCT/grass silage fed year round for dairy and meat production for the assessment of plasma bovine growth releasing hormone (bGRH) and bovine growth hormone (bGH) with feeding of functional acting non-essential (NEAA) / HIS amino acids and the Principal Investigator's own research interest to assay if HIS in bovine mammalian spp. has a particular effect on hormonal levels and on milk output (Kg/day) and lean body   mass/ fat (LBM/fat) composition, including in particular skeletal muscular fibrillar tissues, as indicators of muscular mass' lean gain (LG) and correlations with animal's N status and if any total body weight or gain. 


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Last update of this entry: March 27, 2020

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