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registry of biomedical companies

  May 28, 2024
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
Registry of biomedical companies:

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Bioaxis DNA Research Centre Pvt Ltd

13-51 Near Kamineni Hospitals LB Nagar

Phone: +91-40-24034503
Fax: +91-40-24034503

Please notice: This entry hasn't been updated by the submitting company for more than 2 years. It could be possible that this company doesn't longer exists.


BioAxis DNA Research Centre is an autonomous registered research organization, which provides services and training in Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Clinical Research & Forensic Science. BDRC works to create a platform conductive for the growth promotion and partnering in Life Sciences field. We at BDRC are dedicated to provide a backbone to the Genome valley, for proper utilization of the advancements in the field of biological sciences by taking together Govt and Private sector organizations, Companies,professionals, academicians and students through consultative, advisory, educative process. BDRC has been the most reliable and trusted DNA Testing and Paternity Testing service providers in India and referred by different Government and Private Agencies, Police, Attorneys, Medical Doctors and Lawyers.


Home: http://dnares.in/index.php

Services: http://dnares.in/rand-services.php


DNA Testing services: http://dnares.in/human-dna.php

Clinical Diagnostic services: http://dnares.in/clinical-services.php

Crime identification products: http://dnares.in/clinical-services.php

Study guides: http://dnares.in/study.php

Organization: http://dnares.in/organization.php

Gallery: http://dnares.in/gallery.php

Our values: http://dnares.in/our-values.php

Software tools: http://dnares.in/softwares-tools.php

Trainings and projecrts: http://dnares.in/trainings.php

Carrers: http://dnares.in/careers.php

Publications http://dnares.in/publications.php

Extension centre: http://dnares.in/extension.php

Membership: http://dnares.in/membership.php


Trainings: http://www.bioaxis.in/training.php

Gallery: http://www.bioaxis.in/gallery.php

Publications: http://www.bioaxis.in/publication.php

About us: http://www.bioaxis.in/index.php

Products: http://www.bioaxis.in/products.php

Crime identification: http://www.bioaxis.in/crime.php

Tools and softwares: http://www.bioaxis.in/tools.php

Publications: http://www.bioaxis.in/publication.php

Biotech services: http://www.bioaxis.in/biotechnology.php

DNA Forensic services: http://www.bioaxis.in/dna-forensics.php

Bioinformatics services: http://www.bioaxis.in/bioinformatics.php


Contact us at:

BioAxis DNA Research centre India



13-51 Sri Lakshmi Nagar Colony, Near Kamineni Hospitals Hyderabad-74 (Andhra Pradesh)- 919247438983




Gomti nagar Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) -91522-2300502



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Last update of this entry: August 10, 2011

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