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registry of biomedical companies

  May 20, 2024
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Registry of biomedical companies:

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BioTX Automation, Inc.

16753 Donwick Dr., Suite A6
United States of America, Texas
Toll free: 877-275-2468

Phone: 936-273-2633
Fax: 936-273-0551

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Founded in 2003, BioTX Automation, Inc. provides simple automation solutions for the life science, biopharmaceutical, and industrial markets.  BioTX has the technology and market expertise to provide unique and proprietary software/engineering solutions to areas which are too expensive to automate, labor intensive, and error prone.  BioTX’s product line consists of our proprietary WellAware GPS pipet navigation systems, electronic diluters/pipettors and our custom laboratory automation and reagent kit/instrument/LIMS integration services. Our custom services are complemented by our programming, engineering and rapid prototyping capabilities (RADS). We also provide data-mining services and maintain an on-line US grant and publication database (USGRD) for use in marketing our own products and for sale to companies with products in the life science market.

WellAware is a pipet navigation system which uses voice and light cues to guide a laboratory technician through each step of a pipetting protocol. Like a car's ‘global navigational system’ (“GPS”), which keeps a driver ‘on track’, WellAware keeps the laboratory worker ‘on track’ no matter what the interruption, while eliminating the need for ‘witnessing’ programs. Using WellAware’s ‘eSOP’ (electronic Standard Operating Procedure), the system timestamps every step, identifies the user, and automatically saves all documentation for later review.

Our liquid handling product line consists of eLINE electronic pipettors and the novel Little Squirt diluter/dispenser that can pipet volumes as low as 10nl. This capability allows the Little Squirt to achieve a 100,000:1 dilution in a single syringe stroke, thus saving time and reagents in the lab.

BioTX specializes in life science applications but can solve automation problems in most any industry. Our engineers have extensive experience in DNA/peptide synthesis and backend processing. BioTX uses 3D modeling software for all engineering projects allowing for easy communication of ideas and to speed the development process. If you have a specific operation that you would like to have automated, BioTX can manufacture custom designed Rapid Automation Development System (RADS) parts, instruments, or complete automation systems to solve your automation problem.

The USGRD is a unique database of researchers within the United States who have received public grant funding in the last few years. It includes 380,000 grant awards and approximately 90,000 unique names of researchers. With the addition of PubMed it is now possible to search for researchers that have published or received a grant at the same time and then download the records for marketing campaigns.


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Last update of this entry: December 09, 2008

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