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  June 20, 2024
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Kunming Aolym Biotech Co., Ltd.


Phone: +86-871-2413912
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Prostate care (health) product

Bee Pollen Tea is selected from Yunnan's pure natural plants, and made by scientific blending, and processed with modern procedures, which is based on Southern Dian Herbals and traditional recipes from Yunnan's ethnic group. The selected plant bee pollen, purslane, and the dandelion etc. conform to the requests from Ministry of Health P.R.China. It is completely a breakthrough in curing prostate disease by heat clearing and detoxifcation, helping antibiotic and anti-inflammation, detumescence and expulsion of toxin inside, diuretic and stranguria treating, also it tastes pure and soft.

2. Miraculous effect on acute, chronic prostatitis, and prostatitis hyperplasia.
1. Relieve the pain from prostate disease
Obvious effects are taken after one-period drinking (3-7days as one period), symptoms are mostly eliminated within 10 days and basicly cured over one-month uninterrupted drinking, and the cure ratio can reach more than 95%. Our Pollen Flower Tea is better than the other existing medicine in its unique, stable and lasting effect.
2. Rehabilitate the damaged prostate gland and rebuilt the gland functions and immune systems, which enable men to be back to young, healthy and energetic.
3. Other functions:
1). Healing gynecological diseases (urgent urination, frequent urination, and irregular menstruation)
2). Improve human body’s microcirculation
3). Boost men’s sexual function etc.

3. Functions of Bee Pollen Tea

Bee Pollen powder in our tea is prescribed as monarch drug, and parslane herb as adjuvant drug, which is known as natural antibiotics in Chinese traditional medicine, the tea is added by Pig thigh for its function of heat clearing and detoxification, also assisted with Herba taraxaci for its anti-infection, together with the above raw materials, the tea can take its miraculous effects of anti-inflammation, promoting detumescence and expulsion of toxin inside, facilitating diuretic and stranguria treating.

4. Dosage: 3 bags/ time, and 2-3 times daily (Put 3 bags in 200mL boiled water, available after 5 minutes, and till 3 time's infusing to light water

5. Attention:
1. Inhibition for women in pregnancy
2. One month's continuous drinking as one period, interrupted will influence its effect
3. For those sufferers of infection with pathogenic bacteria, you’d better assist with antibiotics( follow doctor’s advice)

Contact: Steve Wang
E-mail: aolymsales@163.com

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Last update of this entry: November 14, 2006

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