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  April 19, 2024
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Registry of biomedical companies:

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34 Old Cannought Place
Dehra Dun

Phone: 911353111809
Fax: 911352650944

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Original Message: Herbal Powders
Posted by Ashvini Gautam , Jun 14,2004,10:24 Post Reply Forum

Dear Customer,
We are proud to present to you our latest updated catalog of Botanical Herbal Health Powders.
The botanical powders have wide and extensive applications in the Healthcare field.In the list provided below, we have included the common name of the Herb , of which the powder has been extracted from, followed by the Botanical name and wherever possible, we have mentioned the English names as well.All our products are supplied with a COA( Certificate of Analysis), from an accredited lab.
A brief summary of the usage of the powder, has been provided against the name of the powder.Recommended doses have been mentioned.
In case you have a particular requirement, and you find that the same is not mentioned here, please write to us at botanicalpowders@botanicalpowders.com, and we shall revert back to you with a positive feedback.

Our Contact details are as under:

1. Arjuna:
Botanical name:Terminalia arjuna
English Name: Arjuna myrobalan.
Uses:In Haemorrhages, and other fluxes, diarrhoea, dysentry, sprue, heart diseases, spermatorrhoea, gonorrhea, fractures, contusions, and external ulcers, acne, and other skin diseases.

2.Anant Mool:
Also known as Krishna Powder.
Botanical name: Hemidesmus indicus..
English name: Indian Sarsaparilla.
Uses:In chronic cough, syphilitic cachexia, leucorrhoea, gravel, strangury, dyspeptic and nutritional disorders, genito-urinary diseases, chronic rheumatism, and impurity of the blood, debility and skin affections.

3.Ashok Powder:
Botanical name: Saraca indica ;Syn Saraca asoca.
English name:Ashoka tree.
Uses: In uterine affections, especially in menorrhagia, and haemorrhages, bleeding piles and dysentry..

4.Ashwagandha root:
Botanical name:Withania somnifera
English name:Indian ginseng & Winter cherry.
Uses:A recomended remedy for alcoholism, emphysematous dyspnoea, consumption, general and seminal debility, nervous exhaustion, loss of memory, leucorrhoea, spermatorrhoea, sterility.

5.Avapittikar Powder:
Botanical name:
English name;

6.Aamla Powder:
Syn: Aanvla
Botanical name:Phyllanthus emblica & Emblica officinalis
English name:Emblic myrobolan & Indian gooseberry.
Uses:In worm infestation, acidity, inflammations of the lungs, and eyes, ulcerations, gastro-intestinal disorders,and discharges, painful micturition, and internal haemorrhaeges.

Botanical name:Achyranthes aspera
English name: Rough chaff tree; Prickly chaff flower.
Uses:In cough ,asthma, enlarges spleen in malaria, painful menstruation and toothache, and occasionaly in renal dropsies.

Botanical name:Clitoria ternatea
English name: Butterfly pea.
Uses:In croup, visceral enlargements, cystic and urethral irritations.

Botanical name:Anacylus pyrethrum
English name:Pellitory.
Uses:In nerve affections, chronic bowel affections, and seminal debility.

10.Ashtavarga( Samtol) Powder:
Botanical name:
English name:

11.Arand( Mool) Powder:
Botanical name:Ricinus communis
English name: Castor-oil Plant
Uses:In inflammatory condition of the bowels and urinary organs, jaundice and enlarged spleen, infantile diarrhoea, piles, painful affections of the rectum, any foreign and irritant body in the stomach, nervous and articular rheumatic affections, and locally gout and rheumatic swellings, deficient mammary secretion, sore mammary glands, conjunctivitis, foreign body in eyes and ears.

Botanical name: Curcuma amada.
English name:Mango ginger.
Uses:In skin diseases, enlarged, spleen and liver.

13.Aamramajja Powder:
Botanical name:
English name:

14.Bael Powder:
Botanical name: Aegle marmelos
English name: Wood apple.
Uses:In chronic , obstinate, mucous, and catarrhal diarrhoea, dysentry, and scurvy, and early stage of sprue and consumption, and typhoid , chronic constipation, and certain forms of dyspepsia.

15.Bach Powder:
Botanical name:Acorus calamus
English name:Sweet flag
Uses:In gastric and respiratory diseases, dyspepsia, dysentry, worms, to promote micturition and labour pains, and in tetany , epilepsy, wounds, ulcers, vomitting, hysteria and spasmodic complaints.

Botanical name: Terminalia bellerica
English: Black myrobolan.
Uses: In cough , sore throat, night pollution, worms, dyspepsia, dysponea, dropsy, piles and diarrhoea, and externaly to inflamed parts, rheumatism, opthalmia etc.

17. Adusa Powder:
Botanical name:Adhatoda vasica.
English name:Malabar nut.
Uses:In cough, asthama, bronchitis, pertussis, tuberculosis of lungs( respiratory spasmodic diseases), and ague fever.

18.Babchi Powder:
Botanical name:Psoralea corylifolia.
English name:Babchi Seeds.
Uses:In leucoderma, leprosy and skin diseases.

19. Jatamashi Powder:
Syn: Jatamansi.
Botanical name:Nardostachys jatamansi.
English name:Musk-root, Indian spikenard.
Uses: In typhoid symtoms, epilepsy, hysteria, and other nervous convulsive ailments, palpitation of heart, gastric disorders, general and seminal disability.

20. Brahami Booti Powder:
Botanical name: Centella asiatica
English name: Indian Gotukola
Uses:In skin diseases and as a tonic.In leprous , scrofulous, syphilitic, and other skin affections, tetanus , tetanic convulsions, epilepsy, chronic rheumatism, elephantisis,dysentric and other bowel complaints, various sorts of fevers, including remittent, insanity and hypochondriasis, and as nervous tonic preparartion.

21.Bala Powder:
Syn: Kharanti
Botanical name:Sida cordifolia
English name:Country Mallow.
Uses:As a constituent of Cardiac and nervine tonics, in bleeding piles, colic, tenesmus, gonorrhoea, haematuria, strangury, sperrmatorrhoea, leucorrhoea, cystitis, chronic dysentry, nervous diseases, and externally elephantiasis., nervous and rheumatic affections, opthalmia and boils.

22. Behman Red Powder:
Botanical name: Salvia haematodes
English name:Bloodvened sage.
Uses:It is a essential ingredient of aphrodisiac preparations.

23. Behman White Powder:
Botanical name: Centaurea behen
English name:
Uses: Used in jaundice and calculus affections.

24.Bargad Fruit Powder:
Botanical name: Ficus bengalensis.
English name: Banyan Tree.
Uses: In diabetes, haemoptysis, gonorrhoea, sperrmatorrhoea,dysentry, diarrhoea, local toothache, bruises, cracks and rheumatic pains.

25. Bhringraj powder:
Botanical name:Eclipta erecta.
English name:
Uses:In hepatic disorders, asthma, hiccough, splenic enlargements, cephalagia, elephantiasis, poisnous wounds, and internally uterine haemorrhages.

26. Bharangi Powder:
Botanical name: Clerodendron siphonanthus
English name:
Uses:In fevers, scrofulus, and venereal diseases, worms, bronchial and pulmonary affections.

27.Bhumiamla Powder:
Botanical name: Phyllanthus niruri
English name:
Uses:In jaundice, genito-urinary diseases, dysentry, diabetes, and externally ulcers, and inflamations, spongy and bleeding gums, uvulitis and tonsilitis.

28.Chavya Powder:
Botanical name: Piper chaba
English name: Long pepper.
Uses: In cough and catarrh, inflamation of the nose,throat, larynx and bronchi, constipation, worms, colic, tympanities, dyspepsia, diarrhoea, gastritis and renal diseases, acute and chronic gonorrhoea, gleet and cystitis, visceral enlargements and externally boils, piles, paralysis, toothache, earache and painful eye affections.

29. Chobchini Powder:
Botanical name:Smilax china
English name: China root, Bamboo briar root.
Uses:In rheumatism, gout , eplilepsy, scrofula, chronic nervous diseases, seminal weakness, and syphilitic cachexia.

30.Chiraita powder:
Botanical name:Swertia chiraita
English name:Chiretta
Uses:In chronic malarial fevers, anaemia, dyspepsia, catarrhs, enlarged spleen and fever.

31.Chitrak Mool Powder:
Botanical name: Plumbago zeylanica
English name:Ceylon leadwort, White leadpowders.
Uses: Increases digestive powers, useful in dyspepsia, piles, anasarca, diarrhoea and skin diseases, applied to skin abcesses.

32.Chuara Fruit Powder:
Botanical name:
English name

33.Daruharidra Powder:
Botanical name:Berberis aristata
English name: Optahlmic barberry, Tree-Turmeric.
Uses:In malarial fevers, with bilousness, jaundice, blood pressure, liver and spleen diseases, piles and leucorrhoea, menorhaggia, and eye affections.

34.Dashang Lep Powder:
Botanical name:
English name:

35.Indrayani Mool Powder:
Botanical name: Citrullus colocynthis
English name: Indian wild gourd or bitter apple.
Uses:In hepatic, abdominal, visceral( dropsy dysentry etc.), and cerebral congestions, neuralgic affection, as a drastic purgative in constipation, fever and worms.

36. Inderyavam Powder Bitter:
Botanical name: Holarrhena antidysentrica
English name: Kurchi , Conessi or Tellicherry bark.
Uses: In amoebic dysentry and diarrhoea, piles, intestinal worms, chronic chest affections, dyspepsia and externaly rheumatism and toothache.

37. Inderyavam Sweet powder:
Botanical name:Wrightia tinctoria
Syn:Wrightia tomentosa
English name:Sweet Indrajao
Uses:In piles, fever, diarrhoea, roundworm and colic.

38.Imli Majja powder:
Botanical name: Tamarindus indica
Syn:Tamarindus indicus
English name:Tamarind tree
Uses:In acidity, dyspepsia, constipation, scurvy, bilousness, bleeding piles, dysentry, scalding urine, colic and externally inflammatory swellings, apthae, whooping cough, sore throat and indolent ulcers.

39.Gokhru Large Powder:
Botanical name:Pedalium murex
English name:
Uses:In calculi, urinary irritations, impotency, uterine and puerperal diseases, and local ulcers.

40. Gokhru Small powder:
Botanical name:Tribulus terrestris
English name: Small Caltrops
Uses: In diseases of the genito-urinary system, calculous affections, bloody urine, gleet, cystitis, gonorhoeal rheumatism, gout , uterine disorders, impotence, bright's disease with dropsy, spermatorrhoea, and phosphaturia.

41. Gazuban Powder:
Botanical name:
English name:

42. Gaduchi Powder:
Botanical name: Tinospora cordifolia
English name:
Uses:In chronic malarial fevers, chronic rheumatism, and dyspepsia after fevers.

43.Gurmar leaf powder :
Botanical name: Gymnema sylvestre.
English name:
Uses: In snake bites, swollen glands, and visceral enlargements, and internally in cough diabetes and fever.

44.Guggul Purified Powder:
English name: Salai Tree
Botanical name: Commiphora mukul
Uses:In absecesses, and rheumatic, nervous, scrofulous, urinary and skin diseases.

45.Gulab pushpa Powder:
Botanical name:Rosa damascena
English name: Damask or Persian rose.
Uses:In sore throat , enlarged tonsils, night sweats of phthisis, uterine and pulmonary haemorrhages, and locally throat affections, aphthae, burning of the skin, and eye diseases.

46.Gorakh Mundi Powder:
Botanical name:Sphaeranthus hirtus
English name:Est Indain Globe Thistle.
Uses:In bilous affections, goitre and other tumours, worms, bleeding, piles, jaundice, glandular swellings, impotence and skin diseases.

47.Gular Fruit Powder:
Botanical name:Ficus Glomerata
English name: Indian Fig tree
Uses: In dysentry, menorrhaegia, consumption, diabetes, bilious affections, and locally aphthae ulcers even leprous, scrofulous, and cancerous.

48.Gandhak Purified Powder:
Chemical Name: Sulphur
English name: Brimstone
Uses:In habitual constipation, piles, prolapsus, stricture, chronic dysentry, epilepsy and nervous diseases, chronic skin diseases, coughs, phthisis, chronic bronchitis with fever asthma, enlarged lever and spleen, acidity and dyspepsia, gout, chronic fevers, rheumatism, worms and blood parasites, tympanites, coil, ascites, meningitis, and externally skin diseases, scrofulous, rheumatic and other painful joints.

49. Sona-Geru Purified Powder:
Chemical name:Silicate of Alumina and Oxide of Iron
English name: Bole Rubra, Red Earth, Red Ochre

50. Gajni-Mitti Purified Powder:
Chemical Name:
English Name:

51. Gajar Beej Powder:
Botanical name: Daucus carota
English name: Carrot
Uses:For dropsy, retention and irregularities of urine, gravel and other bladder affections.

52.Harrar Small Powder:
Botanical name : Terminalia chebula
English name: Black myrobolan, Chebulic myrobalan
Uses:In fevers, coughs, asthama, urinary disease, piles, eye ailments,worms, muscular rheumatism, atonic dyspepsia, chronic diarrhoea, vomitting, dysentry, flatulence,colic, enlarged spleen and liver, and externally apthae, chronic ulcerations, burns, scalds, and other skin diseases, bleeding piles and some vaginal discharges.

53.Harrar Big Powder:
Botanical name: Terminalia bellerica
English name: Beleric myrobalans
Uses: In cough, sore throat, night pollution.,worms, dyspepsia, dysponea, dropsy, piles, and diarrhoea, and externaly to inflamed parts, rheumatism, opthalmia etc.

54.Hingvastak( Enriched with kala jeera)
Scientific name: Asafoetida

55. Hingul Purified Powder:
Scientific Powder:

56. Jamun powder;
Botanical name: Syzgium jambos powder:/ Eugenia jambolana powder
English name:Javafruit
Used: Very effective in diabetes.

57. Kanatkari Small powder:
Botanical name: Solanum xanthocarpum
English name:
Uses:In kidney diseases.

58. Kutaki powder:
English name: Himalyan or Indian Gentian
Botanical name: Gentiana kurroo
Uses: In general debility, convalescence after fever, dyspepsia, gout, torpid lever, spleen enlargement, anaemia and worms.

59. Karela fruit powder;
Botanical name: Momordica charantia
English name : Bitter gourd
Uses: In bilous affections, piles, jaundice, worms, leprosy, dysmenorrhoea, and externally intractrable ulcers,, and other skin affections, burning in the feet, night blindness, liver complaints in children, headache and inflamation caused by contact with urine of house lizard.

60. Kutaja powder
Botanical name :

61. Kulanjan powder:

Botanical name: Alpinia galanga
English name : Java galangal
Uses;In dyspepsia, preventing fermentation, and flatulence.

62. Kamal Gatta Powder
Botanical name: Nelumbo nucifera/ Nelumbium speciosum
English name : LotusUses:In coughs, cardiac disease, phthisis, diarrhoea, menorrhaegia, chronic fevers, bleeding piles, and other haemorrhaegic affections, externally leprosy and other skin affections, cephalagia, and to cool the head and eyes.

63. Kalmegh Powder:
Botanical name : Andrographis paniculata
English name : The Creat, King of Bitters.
Uses:In general debility , convalescence, dysentry, diarrhoea, dyspeptic conditions, children's torpidity of liver, and constipation.

64. Kakarshingi Powder:
Botanical name :Rhus succedanea Syn. Pistacia integerrima
English name : Galls
Uses: In cough , asthama, enlarged glands, catarrhal fever, and bronchial troubles, infantile diarrhoea, etc. due to teething and other externaly obstinate skin diseases, bleeding gums, epistaxis, gleet, leucorrhoea, and other mucous discharges.

65.Kaiphal Powder.
Botanical name: Myrica nagi.
English name:Box myrtle
Uses: In asthamatic diseases, , externally scrofulous and apthous ulcers, headache, toothache and piles.

66. Kachnar Powder:
Botanical name : Bauhinia tomentosa
Uses: As a deworming agent, and in scrofulous affections and skin diseases.

67.Kaunch Seeds Powder:
Botanical name : Mucuna pruriens
English name : Cowhage or Cowitch plant
Uses: As an aphrodisiac, in dropsy, dyspepsisa, worms, colic, leucorrhoea, spermatorrhoea, and externally for elephantisis and scorpion stings.

68. Kaunch Roots Powder
Botanical name : Mucuna pruriens
English name : Cowhage or Cowitch plant
Uses: As a diuretic

69. Kuth Sweet Powder:
Botanical name: Saussurea lappa
English name:Costus
Uses: In cough, bronchial asthama, dyspepsia, cholera, chrnic rheumatism, and externally skin diseases.

70. Kalmi Shora Purified Powder:

71. Kali Jeeri Powder:
Botanical name: Nigella sativa
English name : Carum carvi
Uses:In flatulence and in colic.

72. Kasni Seeds Powder:
Botanical name : Cichorium intybus
English name : Wild chicory
Uses: In liver and spleen disorders.

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