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registry of biomedical companies

  July 22, 2024
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Registry of biomedical companies:

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Transgene Biotek Ltd

Plot 68-70 ANRICH Industrial Estate, IDA Bollaram,
Hyderabad - 502 325
Toll free: ---

Phone: 0091 8458 279744
Stock symbol: ____
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Transgene is one of India's oldest biotechnology R&D companies with a long track record of success in innovation of recombinant protein technologies, bio-fermentation based technologies, and new biological drug delivery systems. Amongst other notable achievements, Transgene was the first company in India to develop the Hepatitis B vaccine using a proprietary technology that, to date, possesses the highest antigen titre in the industry.  Genevac-B was sold to The Serum Institute, Pune in 2000. 

Our business model is focussed on product and process development, followed by partnering (ie. licensing, JV or technology sale).

Our in-house pipeline consists of:

1. Oral Protein and Peptide delivery platform. TrabiOralTM is a proprietary platform technology that uses three different individual technologies to i) protect the protein from proteolytic degradation, ii) present the protein for delivery using one of the body's own natural uptake mechanisms, and iii) deliver a relevant quantity of intact and bio-available protein into systemic circulation.  In our flagship project, the Oral delivery of Insulin, various animal studies have been undertaken in which TrabiOralTM has clearly demonstrated an ability to deliver the Insulin into systemic circulation and therein reduce glycaemic levels to therapeutically relevant levels.  In other animal studies designed to test the versatility of our TrabiOralTM platform, proteins and peptides ranging in size from 2kDA upto 180 kDA have also been successfully delivered by peroral route.

Transgene is currently also working with a Third Party pharmaceutical company to develop a new/oral route of delivery for a protein biosimilar. 

2. Viral delivery of siRNAs.  TrabiAAVTM is a proprietary platform technology that utilizes the Adeno-Associated Virus to deliver siRNAs to specific cell targets. TrabiAAVTM is a preclinical-stage platform that is currently being used to deliver shRNAs to metastasizing breast cancer targets, and miRNAs to Hepatocellular carcinoma cell targets. TrabiAAVTM  utilizes a patented vector system optimized to achieve stable expression of shRNA and miRNA inside the cell, thereby safeguarding against degradation by endonucleases.

Studies have shown TrabiAAVTM  successfully delivers shRNA in breast cancer and miRNA in liver cancer cells. In-vitro assays also confirmed expression of shRNA and miRNA in respective cell lines. In-vitro assays also confirmed apoptosis and the inhibition of motility of cancer cells.

3. Bio-fermentation based product and process development.  Transgene has successfully completed the development of a range of bio-generic APIs including DHA, Orlistat and Tacrolimus, all of which have been licensed to manufacturing partners across regulated and un-regulated markets.

Transgene has also undertaken a number of R&D mandates in which our market-leading bio-fermentation skills and capabilities have been utilized to develop Third Party molecules and processes including strain optimization, yield improvement and process development. 


Senior Transgene scientific personnel are all highly experienced and skilled, and have all come from some of the most recognisable and respected institutions in the world including MIT and Oxford University.  Over the years the company has been involved in the development of an array of products including vaccines such as Meningococcal Meningitis, Hepatitis B&C and a therapeutic vaccine against AIDS based on a recombinant fusion protein.  

Transgene remains keen to develop collaborative relationships with institutes and companies that share our goal and desire to cure some of the world's most debilitating diseases in a commercially scalable manner.  

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Last update of this entry: November 12, 2014

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