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Advancing Spatial Biology to the Clinic: The Power of Multiplex Immunofluorescence-based Biomarkers

  May 15, 2024  
Xtalks, Online

This webinar aims to provide insights into immunofluorescence-based biomarker analysis with key considerations for developing a companion diagnostic. These include avoiding common pitfalls associated with multiplex immunofluorescence and multispectral imaging, successfully harnessing its full potential in the clinical setting.

Recently, there have been many advancements in examining biomarker expression and heterogeneity within the tumor microenvironment using high-throughput technologies. However, current clinical tests for biomarkers often fall short in providing sufficient information to effectively predict treatment response.

Multiplex fluorescence immunohistochemistry and image data analysis have helped uncover meaningful spatial relationships between specific biomarkers, offering valuable insights into patient responses to immune checkpoint inhibitors, antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) and DNA damage response (DDR) targeted therapies. These techniques have become indispensable for gathering critical data from clinical programs.

As multiplex immunofluorescence techniques mature as an analytical platform, it is important to understand the technology’s fundamentals and its application in assessing response for both mono- and combination therapies.

Register for this webinar today to gain insights into biomarker analysis using advanced applications such as multiplex fluorescence immunohistochemistry and multispectral imaging.

Keywords: Biomarker, Clinical Research, Biomarkers, Clinical Data, Companion Diagnostics, CDx, Diagnostics, Laboratory Technology, Multispectral Imaging, Immunofluorescence, Multiplex Immunofluorescence, Basic Research
Organized by: Xtalks
Invited Speakers: Pascal Bamford, Senior Vice President, R&D and Laboratory Operations, Akoya Biosciences
Mark Landers, Vice President, Precision Medicine, Akoya Biosciences
Deadline for Abstracts: 2024-06-10
Registration: Free Registration
E-mail: tristan@xtalks.com
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