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Unlocking Evidence-Based Ingredients for Active Nutrition, Executive Function, eSports and Optimal Lifespan

  May 15, 2024  
Xtalks, Online

Discover an informative webinar focusing on the effect of cognitive aspects like mental processing, executive function and cognitive reasoning across eSports, active nutrition and lifespan optimization, and the critical role played by them in human performance and well-being.

In eSports, where split-second decisions are pivotal, elite gamers demonstrate superior reaction times, heightened visual processing skills and enhanced decision-making abilities. These cognitive advantages can be nourished by a scientifically validated essential dietary intake.

Nutrition is a cornerstone of cognitive enhancement, with specific nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, VitaCholine and B vitamins such as Panmol NADH and xanthophylls are known, to support mental clarity, focus and energy levels. Incorporating these scientifically validated ingredients into dietary formulations can provide tangible benefits for consumers striving for peak cognitive performance.

Preserving cognitive health is paramount for a fulfilling life, and lifestyle factors such as regular exercise, mental stimulation, healthy diet and social engagement are key contributors to longevity. Proven science has shown that specific nutrients promote cognitive resilience, and individuals can maintain optimal brain function and quality of life as they age. Integrating visual processing tasks into daily activities, such as gaming and driving, can enhance cognitive abilities related to visual perception, attention and reaction time.

In summary, the scientific evidence highlights the interconnectedness of cognitive aspects across eSports, active nutrition and lifespan optimization. By understanding and leveraging nutritional supplements that support cognitive benefits inherent in each domain, effective formulas that support the pursuit of peak performance, cognitive vitality and enhanced well-being throughout the lifespan can be created.

Register for this webinar today to understand how active nutrition helps athletes, gamers and professionals attain optimal cognitive performance.

Keywords: Cognition, Omega-3, Diet, Nutrition Facts, Ingredients List, Marketing, Nutrition, Ingredients, Food Ingredients, Sports Nutrition, Dietary Supplements, Functional Ingredients, Cognitive Health, Quality
Organized by: Xtalks
Invited Speakers: Professor John Nolan, PhD, Fulbright Scholar and Howard Chair for Human Nutrition Research at the South East Technological University (SETU) Waterford, IE, Director of Nutrition Research Centre Ireland
Jim Roufs, MS, RD, Owner, Intelligent Nutrition & Scientific Advisory Board Member
Eric Ciappio, PhD, RD, Strategic Development Manager, Balchem
Deadline for Abstracts: 2024-05-23
Registration: Free Registration
E-mail: tristan@xtalks.com
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