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The Tumour Ecosystem: Cellular Interactions and Therapeutic Opportunities

  June 22, 2023  
The European Association for Cancer Research (EACR) , Bergamo, Italy
19-21 March 2024

This meeting will cover the latest exciting breakthroughs on multiple aspects of the tumour microenvironment, including the intricate interactions of cancer cells with the immune system and with specific stromal cells in multiple organs. We will also highlight novel insights into tumour-host interactions including changes in metabolism, the nervous system and response to therapy.

Join us to hear from world experts who are at the forefront of the tumour microenvironment field, sharing their latest discoveries and insights about this cutting-edge research and its implications for novel cancer therapies. Featured topics include the role of inflammation and immunity in tumour progression and metastasis, organ-specific stromal cells that support tumour progression, metabolic changes in the tumour microenvironment, tumour-host interactions in response to therapy, cancer interactions with the nervous system, and dormancy and metastasis.


The target audience for this conference is: scientists, postdocs, and graduate students interested in multiple aspects of cancer biology, immunology, and therapeutics; industry scientists interested in translational research and novel therapeutic approaches; and journal editors interested in cutting-edge cancer biology.

Organized by: European Association for Cancer Research
Invited Speakers: Leila Akkari (Netherlands Cancer Institute, Netherlands), Jean Albrengues (Université Côte d’Azur, France), Adrienne Boire (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, USA), Karin de Visser (NKI Amsterdam, Netherlands), Neta Erez (Tel Aviv University, Israel), Doug Hanahan (Ludwig Cancer Research, Switzerland), Clare Isacke (ICR, UK), Mariam Jamal-Hanjani (UCL, UK), Johanna Joyce (University of Lausanne, Switzerland), Erik Sahai (The Francis Crick Institute, UK), Ruth Scherz-Shouval (Weizmann Institute, Israel), Yuval Shaked (Tenion – Israel Institute of Technology, Israel), Mariia Yuneva (The Francis Crick Institute, UK), and Sara Zanivan (CRUK Beatson Institute, UK)
Deadline for Abstracts: 22.01.2024



E-mail: stephanie.milsom@eacr.org
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