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Spatial Biology UK 2023

  January 10, 2023  
Oxford Global, Novotel London West, 1 Shortlands Hammersmith International Centre, Hammersmith, London, W6 8DR
25/04/2023 - 26/04/2023

Day One :
  • Translating spatial imaging techniques & approaches into clinics 
  • Transcriptomics, metabolomics & proteomics: techniques & approaches 
  • Spatial transcriptomics & spatial genomics techniques/technologies 
  • Single-cell transcriptome imaging of complex tissues 
  • Mass spectrometry imaging techniques 
  • Multi-modality processing  
  • Case studies from the areas of:
    Cardiovascular diseases
    Regenerative medicine
    Neurobiology & neurodegenerative diseases
    Infectious diseases
    Immunological diseases 
Day Two: 
  • Accelerating drug discovery & development processes with advanced spatial tools  
  • Spatial omics approaches in: 
    Personalised medicine 
    Biomarker identification  
  • Adoption of translational drug research: 
    Spatial multiplexed imaging for disease characterization 
  • Feasibility & scalability of various platforms 
  • Toxicology studies 
  • Utilizing spatial data in biology 
  • Cell-cell interactions 
  • Overcoming the challenges in spatial data analysis 
  • Data integration & visualisation 
  • Spatial transcriptomic datasets 
  • Data access & standardization 
  • How do you translate AI/ML approaches into the clinical trials 
Organized by: Oxford Global
Invited Speakers:

Charlotte Stadler - Co-Director of Spatial & Single Cell Biology Platform and Head of Spatial Proteomics at SciLifeLab & KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Martin Fergie - Lecturer at University of Manchester

Ilary Allodi - Group Leader & Assistant Professor at University of Copenhagen

Charles Mein - Centre Manager at Queen Mary University of London

Paulo Czarnewski - Senior Bioinformation at SciLifeLab



Deadline for Abstracts: 28/03/2023
Registration: Book Now - Spatial Biology UK 2023 (oxfordglobal.co.uk)
E-mail: info@oxfordglobal.co.uk
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