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19th CPD "Diabetes Asia 2022" Conference

  July 07, 2022  
National Diabetes Institute, Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur
2022-11-18 - 2022-11-20

19th (CPD): Diabetes Asia Conference 2022

Hotel Royale Chulan, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

November 18-20, 2022





1.       Update on Strategies to Reduce ASCVD Risk in Diabetics

2.       The Future of Insulin: Gene Therapy; Smart Insulins; Oral Insulins;                    Nanotechnology; Weekly Basal Insulin

3.    Targeting Obesity for Prevention/Control of T2DM

4.       Advances in Incretin-Based Therapeutics

5.       Strategies for Remission of Type 2 Diabetes

6.       Glycaemic Independent Effects of Anti-Hyperglycaemic Agents
Insulin Resistance: Clinical Relevance and Treatment

7.       Residual Risk Beyond in Diabetics


1.       Theme: SGLT2-IS

i)                    Gliflozins for T2 (and T1) Diabetes

ii)                   SGLT2-Is in Heart Failure: Only for HFrEF?

iii)                 SGLT-I: 1 & 2 Combo

iv)                 Discussion

2.       Managing Diabetes in Children and Adolescents

i)                    Diabetes in Children: Type 1 or Type 2

ii)                   Strategies to Support Psychosocial Aspects in Self-Management of T1DM in Youths

iii)                 Type 1 Diabetes Intervention trials: Where are we now?

iv)                 Discussion

3.       Theme: Managing Type 2 Diabetes (T2DM)

i)                    Post-Prandial Glucose Spiker: Significance and Strategies (To Reduce)

ii)                   Insulin use in T2DM: Never Approach

iii)                 Improving Medication Adherence: DMTAC

iv)                 Discussion

4.       Theme: The Gut and Diabetes

i)                    NAFLD: A Cause of Complications of Diabetes?

ii)                   Oral Health: Implications for Diabetics

iii)                 Microbiota to Prevent/Cure Diabetes?

iv)                 Discussion

5.       Theme: Complementary and Alternative Remedies

i)                    Plant-Based foods: Practical Tips for Diabetics

ii)                   Ayuvedic Medicines in the Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus

iii)                 Treating Diabetic Foot Ulcers: Maggot and Leeches

iv)                 Discussion


1.       Young Diabetic with Rapidly Worsening Nephropathy 


1.         Management of Difficult Diabetes

2.         Treating to Targets

3.         Practical Tips in Managing T1DM in Malaysia

4.         Maximizing Skincare in Diabetic Patients

Invited Speakers:

International Faculty:

1.       Associate Professor Andrea Luk, Hong Kong

2.       Associate Professor Fatheya Al Awadi, United Arab Emirates  

3.       Professor Philip Home, United Kingdom (confirmed)

4.       Professor Timothy Davis, Australia (confirmed)

5.       Professor Eberhard Standl, Germany (confirmed)

6.       Professor Harold E. Lebovitz, United States (confirmed)

7.       Professor Luc Van Gaal, Belgium (confirmed)

8.       Professor Stephen Twigg, Australia

Deadline for Abstracts: 2022-10-20

Registration & Fees


Registration form is enclosed with this FINAL ANNOUNCEMENT. Completed form must be returned with the proof of registration fee payment to the Secretariat of the ‘Diabetes Asia 2022’ Conference by mail or fax.


Registration fee covers admission to all NADI ‘Diabetes Asia 2022’ Conference sessions and trade exhibition, conference bag, identification tag and printed materials, Conference lunches and tea/coffee breaks. The fees are as follows:

International Delegate



Conference Fee*

Please tick


(before September 30, 2022)


USD 400


AFTER September 30, 2022

USD 500


Please register early to enjoy “Early Bird” discount for registration.


For ONLINE REGISTRATION & PAYMENT DETAILS, please visit www.nadi-dac.com.my.


E-mail: enquiry@nadidiabetes.com.my
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