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The Echo Pandemic Is Coming: 5 Essentials To Weathering These Mental Health Challenges

  September 24, 2020  
TrainHR, Online event


One in five employees will experience a mental health issue at some point in their lifetime. Increased stress and uncertainty, especially during this pandemic, can bring those symptoms out or make it more difficult for those already experiencing a mental health challenge, to cope.

This presentation will help HR Professionals, Leaders, and their organizations focus on the most effective and essential strategies to address these mental health issues now, that will help their people stay engaged, combat the impact of the pandemic, and build their resilience as they journey into the future.

The key is to recognize the warning signs and develop programs and supports to protect and support those who may be at risk due to the impact of COVID 19.

Why you should Attend:Many of our teams were having difficulty coping with stress and were facing burnout long before COVID-19 came along.

Research is showing that our team's stress is heightened even further, and our teams are struggling to find their way through this pandemic. History and health indicators are showing us that the next pandemic will be a repercussion and crisis of mental health with increases in anxiety, depression, and even suicide.

Leaders who understand and prepare now for this crisis, will have teams that can thrive and stay mentally healthy during this continued uncertainty.

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Key Messages:
    • There is a mental health continuum that we all move along, and it is dynamic as we experience stress, challenge, and crisis
    • It is normal to feel the blues and worry during crisis, but when that low mood or anxiety begins to take control and prevent performing normal activities, it becomes a serious mental health issue
    • Resilient people are able to sustain successful performance and positive well-being in the face of adverse conditions
    • Support is critical in combating mental health challenges
    • Leaders who recognize the mental health warning signs and develop programs and supports to protect and support those who may be at risk due to the impact of COVID 19 will have teams that thrive through this challenge and those organizations that ignore those needs will struggle to be productive, service their customers, and be competitive
  • Participants Will:
    • Recognize the signs and symptoms that are signaling that their team is not coping
    • Understand the signs and symptoms of major mental illnesses so that there is a general recognition of the early warning signs of a mental health challenge
    • Discover the 5 Mental Health Essentials that leaders must address in supporting their team and minimize the impact of mental health challenges
    • Develop an understanding and strategies for supporting those experiencing a mental health challenge in order to effectively encourage members to seek appropriate help if needed
    • Combat the effects of the stigma associated with having a mental illness in order to build understanding and acceptance in your workplace
    • Utilize the A-L-E-C model for effective and supportive mental health conversations to create a psychologically healthy workplace

Who Will Benefit:
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Health and Safety Reps
  • Union Reps
  • Supervisors, Manager, Directors (Team Leads)
  • Executive Directors Not-For-Profit
  • Business Owners, Entrepreneurs
  • C-Suite
Organized by: NetZealous LLC, DBA TrainHR
Invited Speakers: Beverly Beuermann-King specializes in working with people and organizations who want to control their reactions to stress, build resiliency against life's challenges and live healthy, successful lives using her S-O-S Principle™.
Deadline for Abstracts: 2020-11-12
Registration: https://www.trainhrlearning.com/webinar/the-echo-pandemic-is-coming:-5-essentials-to-weathering-these-mental-health-challenges-703373LIVE
E-mail: trainhr1@gmail.com
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