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Creating Rewards and Recognitions that Get You What You Want to Achieve

  May 27, 2019  
Traininng.com LLC, Online



Typically, it is the responsibility of the professionals in Human Resources (HR) to recommend and often control compensation, bonuses and other rewards and recognitions available to management.   It is management’s responsibility to determine what they wish to reward, how often, and whether or not the decisions they’ve made regarding these extra monetary compensations and/or perquisites are achieving the goals they wish to achieve.

The information that follows applies to human resources personnel and management at all levels.  Rewards and recognitions are the responsibility of all involved in the management and development of employees. My belief is that one size does not fit all and in order to achieve the desired outcomes, both task responsibilities and individual differences must be taken into account


Why should you Attend


There are many factors that determine an organization's policy around compensation, benefits, rewards and recognitions.  Perhaps the very first decision that needs to be made is one of the basic values of the company.  Is it going to be a company based on seniority and security or one based on merit - or some combination of the two?

Government agencies and union controlled organizations usually make the major decisions of compensation around classification, seniority and security.  So too do many organizations in the corporate world.Smaller businesses tend to compensate based more on a belief of the value of the work performed - outcomes and merit.  Some large organizations also create compensation and rewards based on merit.

It’s much easier to make monetary decisions based on some external factors, such as the average compensation offered for the same job-title in other organizations, or the number of years someone has worked for the company.


Areas Covered in the Session


  • Information about cultural differences in accepting rewards and recognitions
  • Cognitive differences, differences in needs such as security vs. merit
  • Types of rewards and recognitions beyond money
  • What to reward and why
  • How to effectively evaluate performance
  • The way to determine what works and what doesn’t
  • Lots of examples both good and bad


Who Will Benefit


  • Management at all levels
Organized by: Traininng.com LLC
Invited Speakers:
Speaker Profile
Dr. ArLyne Diamond, Ph.D. is an internationally recognized Leadership, Management, Professional Development, and Organizational Development (O-D) consultant specializing in people and processes in the workplace. Multifaceted, Dr. Diamond has extensive experience in a wide range of disciplines (business, education, management, marketing, business ownership, psychology - and some economics and law as well). This enables her to see things from a variety of angles and to cleave to the essence of a problem quickly, offering her clients creative and practical solutions. 
Deadline for Abstracts: 2019-07-10
Registration: https://www.traininng.com/webinar/creating-rewards-and-recognitions-that-get-you-what-you-want-to-achieve--200980live?hum-molgen-June-Seo-2019
E-mail: traininngdotcom@gmail.com
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