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International Drug Discovery Science and Technology (IDDST)

  February 03, 2009  
BIT Life Sciences , Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center, Shanghai, China
October 22-25, 2009

Chapter 1: Basic Sciences of Preclinical Studies Chapter 2Smart Drug Discovery ChemistryChapter 3: Methodology & Innovative tools for drug discovery, Drug delivery and Drug DevelopmentChapter 4: Translational MedicineChapter 5: Drug Discovery of Major DiseasesChapter 6: New Heats for BiotherapeuticsChapter 7: Milestones of Novel Therapeutics PipelineChapter 8: Outsourcing Alliance across the World


Organized by: BIT Life Sciences
Invited Speakers: Dr. Ming-Q Zhang, Senior VP R&D, Biotica Technology Limited, UK

Dr. R.J.M.M. Thoolen, Toxicologic Pathologist, Global Pathology Support, The Netherlands

Dr. Robert Becker, Vice President, Business Development,Vaxinnate, USA

Dr. Salomon Z. Langer, Vice President, Alpha-2 Pharmaceutica AB,  Israel

Dr. Choung U. Kim, Vice President, Chemistry, Gilead Sciences Benzothiadiazine Hepatitis C NS5B, USA

Dr. Chris Senanayake, Vice President, Chemical Development, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc., USA

Dr. Peter Hoffmann, Vice President, Genzyme Pharmaceuticals,  

Dr. Julie Jia, Account Manager, Millipore Corporation, Eastern PA

Dr. Suzie Chen, Adjunct Professor, Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, USA

Dr. Basista Rijal, Assistant Dean, Institute of Medicine, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal

Dr. Jared Rutter, Assistant Professor, University of Utah School of Medicine, USA

Dr. Maricarmen Planas-Silva, Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacology, Penn State College of Medicine, USA

Dr. Jamie Case, Assistant Research Professor of Pediatrics, Indiana University School of Medicine, USA

Dr. Ric M. Procyshyn, Associate Clinical Professor, University of British Columbia, Canada

Dr. Chuang Lu, Associate Director, Millennium, The Takeda Oncology Company, USA

Dr. K. C. Cheng, Associate Director, Analytical and Formulation Development

Dr. Christopher Yochim, Associate Director, External Relations, Strategic Planning & Business Development , AstraZeneca, UK

Dr. Galila Agam, Associate Professor, University of the Negev,  Israel

Dr. Siavoush Dastmalchi, Associate Professor, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Iran

Dr. Vittorio Calabrese, Associate Professor, University of Catania,  Italy

Dr. Dusica Maysinger, Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, McGill University, Canada

Dr. Jun Ni, Associate Professor, University of Iowa, USA

Dr. Jian Kuang, Associate Professor, Department of Experimental Therapeutics, MD Anderson Cancer Center, The University of Texas, U.S.A.

Dr. Clovis O. Da Fonseca, Associate Professor of Neurosurgery, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil

Dr. Kaialsh Chadha, Associate Professor of Oncology, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, USA

Dr. Yvon C. Chagnon, Associate Professor, Laval University, Canada

Dr. Domenico Pratico, Associate Professor, Pharmacology Temple University, USA

Dr. J. Jean Cui, Associate Research Fellow, Pfizer, Inc.,  

Dr. Zaher A. Radi, Associate Research Fellow-Toxicologic Pathologist, Pfizer Global Research & Development, USA

Dr. Dohan Weeraratne, Associate Scientist, Amgen Inc., USA

Dr. Manu V. Chakravarthy, Associate Director, Experimental Medicine, MERCK, USA

Dr. Darren Hodgson, Biomics Advisor, AstraZeneca, UK

Dr. Richard Beger, Branch Chief, Center for Metabolomics,Division of Systems Toxicology,National Center for Toxicological Research, USA

Dr. Igor Sherman, CEO, Alpha Cancer Technologies Inc., USA

Dr. Serge Guzy, CEO, XOMA (US) LLC, USA

Dr. Udo Schuklenk, Chair, Queen’s University, Canada

Dr. Marco Bregni, Chair, Solid Tumor Working Party, Italy

Dr. Mohammad Mikati, Chairman and Professor, General Pediatrics, Adult and Pediatric Neurology and Epilepsy, American University of Beirut, USA

Dr. Marc Madou, Chancellor's Professor, UC Irvine, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Department of Biomedical Engineering, USA

Dr. George Lin, Chief Medical Officer, Biological Mimetics, Inc., MD

Dr. Emanuel F. Petricoin, Co-Director, George Mason University, USA

Dr. Bal L. Lokeshwar, Co-Director, University of Miami School of Medicine, USA

Dr. Rouzbeh R. Taghizadeh, CSO, AuxoCell Laboratories, Inc., USA

Dr. Melvyn Little, CSO, Affimed Therapeutics AG, Germany

Dr. Michal Dubovicky, Deputy Director, Institute of Experimental Pharmacology, Slovak

Dr. Patricio F. Reyes, Director, Neuropathology Research Lab ;Barrow Neurological Institute, USA

Dr. Yun Yen, Director, Translational Research, USA

Dr. Leonard E. Weisman, Director, Texas Children's Hospital, USA

Dr. Richard Wang, Director, AstraZeneca, China

Dr. Tim de smedt, Director, University Hospital Ghent, Belgium

Dr. Abdulrazak Abyad, Director, Abyad Medical Center and Middle-East Longevity Institute, Lebanon

Dr. Viswanath Devanarayan, Director, R&D, Abbot, USA

Dr. Varghese John, Director, Alzheimer Drug Discovery Network, USA

Dr. Douglas Macdonald, Director, CHDI Foundation, USA

Dr. Jason K. Kim, Director, Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine, USA

Dr. Kevin King, Director, Formulation Development and Product Enhancements, Global Biologics, Pfizer, UK

Dr. Ole Vesterqvist, Director, Biomarker Lab & Outsourcing, Clinical Translational Medicine, A3152, Wyeth Research, U.S.A.

Dr. Jurgen Moll, Director, Cell Biology Dep,Nerviano Medical Sciences, Italy

Dr. Radium Bhattacharya, Director, Gujarat AIDS Awareness and Prevention Unit, India

Dr. Mirko Diksic, Director, Cyclotron-Radiochemistry Unit, Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery, McGill University, Canada

Dr. Qun (Max) Dang, Director of Medicinal Chemistry, Metabasis Therapeutics, Inc., USA

Dr. Zhiyang Zhao, Director of Preclinical, Amgen, USA

Dr. Grégoire PREVOST, Director Oncology Research, IPSEN, France

Dr. Björn Mellgård, Director Scientific Affairs, AstraZeneca, China

Dr. Vishal K. Gupta, Director, Pharmaceutical R&D, Covidien, USA

Dr. Anil K. Sood, Distinguished Professor, M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, USA

Dr. Pace-Asciak CR, Emeritus Professor, University of California, Canada

Dr. Kailash Swarna, Executive Director, Research & Development, Amgen, Inc, USA

Dr. Mark S. Shearman, Executive Director, Neuroscience Drug Discovery , Merck Research Laboratories Boston, U.S.A.

Dr. Jos Jonkers, Group leader, Netherlands Cancer Institute, The Netherlands

Dr. Sergio Pantano, Head, The institute pasteur of montevideo, Italy

Dr. Yin Liang, Head, Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development, L.L.C, USA

Dr. Young-Joon Surh, Head and Professor, SEOUL NATIONAL UNIVERSITY, Korea

Dr. Tim Hammonds, Head of Biochemistry and HTS, Cancer Research Technology, uk

Dr. Oscar Joseph Trask, Head of Cellular Imaging Technologies, Neurobiology, Duke University, USA

Dr. Jianling Wang, Head, ADME Profiling Cambridge, Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research, USA

Dr. Stefan Otto Mueller, Head, early and explanatory Toxicology, Merck KGaA, Germany

Dr. Paul M. Vanhoutte, Head,Distinguished Guest Professor, Department of Pharmacology, University of Hong Kong, china

Dr. Kamaleshwar Prasad Singh, Lead Scientist, Genomic & Proteomic Facility, Texas Southern University, USA

Dr. Marlene L. Cohen, Lilly Research Fellow (retired), Eli Lilly and Company, USA.

Dr. Brian A Whittle, Managing Director, Kings College London, Department of Pharmacy, UK

Dr. Bérengère Dumotier, Preclinical Cardiosafety Expert, Novartis Pharma AG, Switzerland

Dr. Erik Hessen, President, Akershus University Hospital, Norway

Dr. Piotr H. Karpinski, Principal Fellow , Leader, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, USA

Dr. Hong Wan, Principal Scientist, AstraZeneca R&D, Sweden

Dr. Bob Fremeau, Principal Scientist, Amgen, USA

Dr. Tao Wang, Principal Scientist, AstraZeneca, USA

Dr. Imran Ali, Professor, Central University, India

Dr. David Stewart, Professor, The University of Texas, USA

Dr. Ewa Carrier, Professor, University of California, USA

Dr. Christoph Hock, Professor, University of Zürich, Switzerland

Dr. Liang Cheng, Professor, Indiana University School of Medicine, USA

Dr. Karsten Kristiansen, Professor, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

Dr. Johannes Oldenburg, Professor, University Clinic Bonn, Germany

Dr. Debajit K. Biswas, Professor, Department of Cancer Biology, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, USA

Dr. Horst P. Schmitt, Professor, Institute of  Pathology, Department of Neuropathology, University of Heidelberg, Germany

Dr. Caterina La Porta, Professor, University of Milan, Italy

Dr. Charles A. Dinarello, Professor, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, U.S.A

Dr. Eugene A. Bratoeff, Professor, Ciudad Universitaria, Mexico

Dr. Bao-Shiang Lee, Professor, Protein Research Laboratory, Research Resources Center, University of Illinois, USA

Dr. Michael J. Waring, Professor, The Wine Committee, Jesus College, England

Dr. B. S. Kasinath, Professor, University of Texas Health Science Center, USA

Dr. A.B.P. van Kuilenburg, Professor, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Dr. L. Van Gaal, Professor, Dept. Endocrinology and Diabetology  Antwerp University Hospital, Belgium

Dr. Mohammed Chaudry, Professor, Royal Free & University, UK

Dr. Mark E. Anderson, Professor, University of Minnesota, Stanford University, USA

Dr. Petar M. Mitrasinovic, Professor, University of Belgrade, Canada

Dr. Simone Koenig, Professor, Integrated Functional Genomics, IZKF University of Münster, Germany

Dr. Ryuichi Morishita, Professor, Osaka University, Japan

Dr. Girish KOTWAL, Professor, Division of Medical Virology, Institute of Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine, University of Cape Town, USA

Dr. Heribert Stoibe, Professor, Innsbruck Medical University, Austria

Dr. Dorothée A. Kinde Gazard, Professor, Université d'Abomey-Calavi, Department of Chemistry, Benin

Dr. Isaiah (Shy) Arkin, Professor, The Hebrew University, Israel

Dr. Sabrina C. Desbordes, Professor, Differentiation and Cancer Program, CRG-Centre de Regulació Genòmica, Spain

Dr. Yamini Bhusan Tripathi, Professor, Banaras Hindu University, India

Dr. Stephen Michnick, Professor, Université de Montreal, Canada

Dr. Matthias von Herrath, Professor, Institute for Allergy and Immunology, University of California, San Francisco, USA

Dr. Renata Pasqualini, Professor, The University of Texas, USA

Dr. Giulio M. Pasinetti, Professor, Departments of Psychiatry and Geriatrics and Adult Development, MSSM, USA

Dr. Amos PANET, Professor, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Dr. Wormser, Gary, Professor, New York Medical College, USA

Dr. Mitchell W Krucoff, Professor, Duke University Medical Center, USA 

Dr. Carmela Abraham, Professor,  Boston University School of Medicine, USA

Dr. Mari Dezawa, Professor, Tohoku University, Japan

Dr. Manuel CARRONDO, Professor, Instituto De Biologia Experimental E Tecnological, Portugal

Dr. James C. Lee, Professor, University of Texas Medical, USA

Dr. Joseph K.-K. Li, Professor, Department of Biology,Utah State University, USA

Dr. Romano Demicheli, Professor, National Cancer Institute, Department of Medical Oncology, Italy

Dr. Jan-Åke Gustafsson, Professor & Chairman, Dept. of Biosciences & Nutrition, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

Dr. Avram Hershko, Professor of Biochemistry, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology Rappaport Institute, Israel

Dr. Christopher Bianca, Professor of Chemistry, Clinical Consultant, Keystone College Academia, USA

Dr. Susumu Mori, Professor, Dept. of Radiology, Johns Hopkins University, USA

Dr. Chaohong Sun, Research Investigator, Abbott, USA

Dr. Ming Wang, Scientific Director, Amgen, Inc., USA

Dr. François Jean, Scientific Director, University of British Columbia, Canada

Dr. Suart J. Mickel, Scientist, Novartis Pharma AG, Switzerland

Dr. Lluis M. MIR, Scientist, Centre National De La Recherché Scientifuqe, France

Dr. Yulia Vugmeyster, Scientist, Wyeth, USA

Dr. Xiaoqiang Kang, Scientist, ImClone Systems Incorporated, USA

Dr. Guru Sonpavde, Scientist, US Oncology Research, Inc., USA

Dr. Jean-Marc Reyrat, Scientist, Université Paris V-Descartes, France.

Dr. Emmanuel Normant, Scientist, Infinity Pharmaceuticals Inc.,  

Dr. George Schlich, Scientist, Schlich & Co, UK

Dr. Wei Tang, Scientist, Merck & Co., Inc, USA.

Dr. Yunsheng Hsieh, Scientist, Schering-Plough Research, USA

Dr. Judith Miklossy, Scientist, The University of British Columbia, Kinsmen laboratory of neurological Research, Canada

Dr. Archana Jha, Scientist, Dept. Biophysics and Physiology, SUNY,UB, USA

Dr. Jeffrey S. Albert, Scientist, CNS Discovery Research, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, USA

Dr. David  Ben-Nathan, Scientist,  Ben Gurion University, Israel

Dr. Brett Abrahams, Scientist, University of California at Los Angeles, USA

Dr. Frederick W. K. Tam, Senior Clinical Lecturer, Division of Medicine, Hammersmith Hospital campus, UK

Dr. Brian Meltzer, Senior Director, Venture Program Management, Johnson & Johnson Corporate Development, USA

Dr. Tobias Raum, Senior Director , Micromet, Germany

Dr. D Bonnet, Senior Group Leader, London Research Institute,Haematopoietic Stem Cell Laboratory, UK

Dr. Assaf Friedler, Senior Lecturer, University of Jerusalem, Palestin

Dr. Yogeshvar Kalia, Senior Lecturer, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences University of Geneva, Switzerland

Dr. Maria José Sá, Senior Neurologist, Hospital S Hospital S Joao, Portugal

Dr. David A. Winkler, Senior Principal Research Scientist, Centre for Complexity in Drug Design, CSIRO Molecular and Health Technologies, Australia

Dr. Xing Wang, Senior Principal Scientist, Pfizer Global Research and Development., USA

Dr. Danhua Chen, Senior Principal Scientist, Pfizer, Inc., USA

Dr. Kaushik Mitra, Senior Research Chemist, Department of Drug Metabolism, Merck Research, USA

Dr. Shugeng Cao, Senior Research Fellow, Harvard University, USA

Dr. Shawn X. Yin, Senior Research Investigator, Pharmaceutical Research Institute, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, USA

Dr. Hua-fen Liu, Senior Scientist, Applied Biosystems, USA

Dr. Luigi Aurisicchio, Senior Scientist, Merck & Co., Italian

Dr. Domenico Mastrangelo, Senior Scientist, Department of Ophthalmology, University of Siena, Italy.

Dr. Yang Li, Senior Scientist, Amgen, USA

Dr. Maria Grazia Modena, Senior Scientist, Institute of Cardiology Women's Clinic, Italy

Dr. Michael Markert, Senior Scientist, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Dr. James A. Joseph, Senior Scientist, USDA-ARS, Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University, USA

Dr. Krishna R. Devarakonda, Senior Scientist, Covidien Inc., USA
Deadline for Abstracts: 2009-9-30
Registration: All attendees, including speakers, chairs and invited guests must register online. Registration on-site is not available.

Those interested in attending both the Social Event and the Scientific Conference, please proceed to register for the whole Conference.

Register early and save money!

All luncheons and tea break during the conference are included in the registration fee.

Accompanying persons who would like to attend the Public Forum and Welcome Reception will be charged reasonably

Nametags will be provided upon arrival and must be worn throughout the duration of the conference.
E-mail: sean@iddst.com
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