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Structural Biology at Crossroads: From Biological Molecules to Biological Systems

  May 20, 2004  
EMBL Hamburg Outstation, EMBL Hamburg Outstation, c/o DESY, Notkestr. 85, D-22603 Hamburg, Germany
Sep 15-18, 2004

The conference will highlight key questions and
issues in modern-day structural biology and bio-
logical imaging, with an emphasis on the frontiers
and challenges in structural biology, the present
and future synchrotrons, lasers and microscopes,
structural proteomics in the post-genomic era and
the use of biological structures in present and
novel, emerging biological disciplines, including
drug discovery. The conference will include poster sessions, the
Best Poster Award, oral presentations from
selected poster abstracts.
Organized by: Matthias Wilmanns
Invited Speakers: Wolfgang Baumeister (Martinsried),
Sir Tom Blundell (Cambridge),
Martino Bolognesi (Genova),
Peer Bork (Heidelberg),
Christian Cambillau (Marseille),
Gianni Cesareni (Rome),
Elena Conti (Heidelberg),
Patrick Cramer (Munich),
Stephen Cusack (Grenoble),
Zbigniew Dauter (Brookhaven),
David Eisenberg (Los Angeles),
Markus Gruetter (Zurich),
Janos Hadju (Uppsala),
Jules Hendrix (Hamburg),
Ken Holmes (Heidelberg),
Neil Isaacs (Glasgow),
So Iwata (London),
Fotis Kafatos (Heidelberg),
Stefan Kaufmann (Berlin),
Andrea Musacchio (Milano),
Gerd Rosenbaum (Chicago),
Jochen Schneider (Hamburg),
Daniela Stock (Cambridge),
David Stuart (Oxford),
Heinrich Stuhrmann (Grenoble),
Joel Sussman (Rehovot),
Andrew Thompson (Saint-Aubin),
Anna Tramontano (Rome),
Soichi Wakatsuki (Tsukuba),
Keith Wilson (York),
Ada Yonath, (Hamburg/Rehovot).
Deadline for Abstracts: June 15, 2004
Registration: Early deadline for registration / abstract submission: June 15, 2004. Late deadline for registration / abstract submission: August 01, 2004.
E-mail: margret@embl-hamburg.de
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