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NMR: Drug Discovery and Design-Post Genomic Analysis
Cambridge Healthtech Institute , McLean, Virginia
October 24-26, 2000

Nuclear magnetic resonance has been a powerful tool for characterizing the structures of organic and biochemical compounds. Advances in protein NMR continue to push forward the boundaries of biomolecular analysis, with recent breakthroughs for membrane proteins. The past year has seen significant advances in NMR analysis from a broad array of disciplines - progress in the size of systems to be studied and the accuracy with which structures can be determined. Solid-state NMR is undergoing rapid expansion, and rational design of high-affinity ligands and screening of synthetic and natural molecular libraries are increasingly realistic goals. NMR is both a complementary technology to X-ray crystallography and an important tool on its own.

Organized by:

Cambridge Healthtech Institute

Invited Speakers:

NMR and Drug Screening
Improved Methods for NMR Screening: Dr. Claudio Dalvit, Pharmacia S.p.A.
STD NMR to Screen Libraries and to Characterize Binding: Dr. Bernd Meyer, Universität Hamburg
Library Design for NMR-Based Screening: Dr. Christopher Lepre, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Automation of NMR Measurements and Data Evaluation for Systematically Screening Interactions of Small Molecules with Target Proteins: Dr. Alfred Ross, Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.
Structure-Based Screening in Target Selection, Hit Generation, and Lead Optimization: Dr. Mats Wikström, Pharmacia Corporation

NMR in Drug Discovery and Development
Designing and Screening Small Molecules That Target RNA Using Fluorescence and NMR Spectroscopy: Dr. John P. Marino, National Institute of Standards and Technology
NMR-Based Metabonomic Approaches to Drug Toxicity Evaluation: Dr. Jeremy K. Nicholson, University of London
The Role of NMR in Drug Development: Dr. John Shockcor, Dupont Pharmaceuticals
LC-NMR-MS: The Optimal Analytical Tool for Structure Confirmation and Identification: Dr. Mark O’Neil-Johnson, Bruker Instruments, Inc.
Targeting RNA: The Next Generation: Dr. James R. Williamson, Scripps Research Institute

NMR and Biological Targets
Use of Molecular Alignment in Small Molecule/Protein Interactions: Dr. James H. Prestegard, University of Georgia
Structural Biology of Hepatocyte Growth Factor: Mechanisms and Views to Agonists and Antagonists: Dr. R. Andrew Byrd, National Cancer Institute–FCRDC
Solid-State NMR to Resolve Structural Details of Ligands at Their Site of Action in Membrane-Bound Targets: Dr. David Middleton, University of Manchester
Structural Studies of ICEBERG: An Inhibitor Caspase-1 Activation: Dr. Wayne Fairbrother, Genentech, Inc.
Automated NMR Structure Calculation by Network-Anchored Assignment and Constraint Combination: Dr. Peter Guntert, Institute for Molecular Biology and Biophysics, ETH [tentative]

Protein Structure Determination
Structural Proteomics: Methods of Target Validation and Invalidation: Dr. Aled Edwards, University of Toronto and Chalon Biotechnology
Protein Secondary Structure Studies by FTIR Spectroscopy: Dr. Yijia Jiang, Amgen Inc.
Proteins and Powder Diffraction: Dr. R. B. Von Dreele, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Three-Dimensional Structure of the G-Protein Coupled Receptor, Rhodopsin: Dr. P. L. Yeagle, University of Connecticut
Structure Determination by Synchrotron: Dr. Andreij Leukemiac, University of Oregon (invited)

Deadline for Abstracts:

September 22, 2000


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