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Xth Magdeburg International Neurobiological Symposium: Mechanisms of Learning and Memory
Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology (IfN) , Magdeburg, Hotel Ratswaage, Ratswaageplatz 1-4
September 16 - 19, 2000

See for the latest version of the program.

Organized by:

A. K. Braun, S. Löwel, H. Scheich, J. U. Frey, D. Montag, S. Staak, E. D. Gundelfinger, K. G. Reymann

Invited Speakers:

W. Abraham (Dunedin), Ch. Gall (Irvine),
R. Malenka (San Francisco), J. Bures (Prague),
M. Gazzaniga (Hanover), R.G.M. Morris (Edinburgh),
L. Cahill (Irvine), H.J. Heinze (Magdeburg),
S.P.R. Rose (Milton Keynes), J.-P. Changeux (Paris),
I. Izquierdo (Porto Alegre), O. Steward (Charlottesville),
G. Collingridge (Bristol), E. R. Kandel (New York),
J.R. Wolff (Göttingen), Y. Dudai (Rehovot),
A. Konnerth (München), P. Worley (Baltimore),
J.U. Frey (Magdeburg), D. Kuhl (Hamburg),
E. Ziff (New York), A. Friederici (Leipzig),
H.-P. Lipp (Zürich)

Deadline for Abstracts:

July 10, 2000


Register directly via our Web-page or contact Dr. Sabine
Staak(E-Mail:,Leibniz Institute for
Neurobiology (IfN), Secretariat of the Organizing Committee, P.O. Box
1860, 39008 Magdeburg, Germany, Phone: +49-391-6263218,
Fax: +49-391-616160
Email for Requests and Registration:

Posted by: Dr. Ulrich H. Schröder   Host:
date: June 05, 2000 19:18:46
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