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Cambridge Healthtech Institute , San Francisco, California
June 21-22, 2000

The acceleration of the Human Genome Project makes it increasingly clear that the pharmaceutical industry is on the verge of a critical shift in terms of drug discovery bottlenecks. As a full list of all possible human targets becomes part of the public domain, the competitive advantage will shift to those researchers and organizations that are able to quickly distinguish attractive, validatable targets from resource consuming dead-ends. The sheer number of possible new targets to consider will overwhelm current tedious wet-lab approaches for evaluation. It will become imperative that researchers develop the computational tools to simulate genetic networks, protein pathways, and biological systems, in order to assist in this triage process for target selection. This conference will explore the tools being developed to translate raw data into workable models that can provide guidance for these decisions.

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Cambridge Healthtech Institute

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May 12, 2000


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date: January 20, 2000 16:52:34
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