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The Keystone Millennium , Keystone Resort, Keystone Colorado
March 31 - April 4, 2000

This meeting will be an opportunity to both celebrate the past and gain a perspective on the future. It will be a special chance for students, postdocs, and teachers to encompass the thrust of contemporary biology. With the specialization of today’s science, it is rare to have the opportunity to see so much of the tapestry of the field laid out in a single event

Organized by:

David Baltimore

Invited Speakers:

Sydney Brenner, Bruce W. Stillman, David S. Hogness, Marc W. Kirschner, James A. Spudich, Eric R. Kandel, Phillippa C. Marrack, Eric S. Lander...

Deadline for Abstracts:

December 1, 1999


Early Registration: January 31, 2000
Email for Requests and Registration:

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date: November 30, 1999 20:21:08
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