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hum-molgen: events in bioscience and medicine

  July, 12 2020
your calendar for events in genetics, biotechnology and medicine
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- This session is designed to provide intensive training in HIPAA Privacy Rule compliance : 3-Hour Virtual Seminar on HIPAA Privacy Rule Compliance-Understanding New Rules and Responsibilities of Privacy Officer
- This seminar is designed to provide intensive training in HIPAA Security and Breach Notification Rule compliance: 3-Hour Virtual Seminar on HIPAA Security and Breach Rule Compliance- Understanding Risk Analysis, Policies and Procedures and Managing Incidents
- Professional communications involving Protected Health Information must be conducted securely: HIPAA 2020: Texting, Emailing, And Personal Devices - New Guidance
- "Life is Naught But a Measurement of Time - You Cannot Waste One Without Losing the Other.": Ultimate Time Management - Take Complete Control of Your Time & Your Life
- STOP Losing Money Due to Poor or Average Customer Service! $$$: Outstanding Customer Service - The Ultimate Guide
- Employee performance evaluations are an essential factor in the development of employees and the growth of the company, yet most managers and employees dread them.: Conduct Robust and Aligned Employee Performance Reviews/Evaluations that Create Loyalty
- Let's face it - we are all managing projects every day! They may be simple or more complex, but undoubtedly you are managing projects within your role.: Project Management Essentials: Planning, Executing, Completing!
- Gain An Increased Understanding Of Ourselves And WHY We Get So Angry At Others: Dealing With Difficult People In Life & Work
- 26th Annual International Partnering Conference : BIO-Europe® 2020 Digital
- 13th Annual International Partnering Conference : BioPharm America™ 2020 Digital

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  HGMIS Calendar of Genetic Meetings and Training Calendar 
How to Attend a Meeting by Dave Barry
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