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Functional Emulsions in the Beverage Industry

  June 28, 2017  
CfPA-The Center for Professional Advancement, Chicago, IL
October 2-3, 2017

Who Should Attend?
This course is intended for professionals in the Food and Dietary Supplement Industries. It will be especially valuable for Engineers, Chemists, Scientists, Formulators, Managers, and Technicians involved in formulation, manufacturing, quality control, and research and development of beverages.

Course Description
This 2-day accredited course offers a basic understanding of the behavior and properties of emulsions in beverages. It covers principles of emulsion preparation for different types of beverages as well as techniques for analysis, quality control, shelf life and emulsion stability.

This intensive training also includes the latest methods and practices for the manufacture of beverages using conventional and new functional ingredients. Specific examples on preparation of emulsions and dispersions for beverages fortified with nutraceutical ingredients are included as well and regulatory, validation, safety and labeling issues involved. Participants are encouraged to bring their present emulsion problems and questions to the course for discussion.
Organized by: CfPA-The Center for Professional Advancement
Invited Speakers:
Dr. Ernesto M. Hernandez, Principal Consultant, Advanced Lipid Consultants

Dr. Hernandez is currently Principal Consultant with Advanced Lipid Consultants. Formerly Director of Process Development at Omega Protein Inc. and Head of the Fats and Oils Program/ Food Science Faculty at Texas A&M University. 

His education includes a Ph.D. in Food Engineering from the University of Massachusetts; M.S. in Food Science and Technology from Oregon State University; and a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Guanajuato, Mexico.

Dr. Hernandez is coauthor of 2 books on advanced lipid products and technologies: “Processing and Nutrition of Fats and Oils” and “Omega 3 Oils: Applications in Functional Foods”. He also has published several book chapters on concentration and processing of liquid foods by evaporation and membrane techniques. He has extensive expertise in new technologies food processing including membrane processing of fruits and juices by ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis, new purification techniques, chemical and enzymatic modification of lipids, process optimization, quality assurance, and good manufacturing practices.
Deadline for Abstracts: N/A
Registration: Please click here for registration information.
E-mail: Jmorbit@cfpa.com
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