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Webinar on Normality Tests and Normality Transformations

  June 02, 2016  

Compliance Trainings, Online

This webinar explains what it means to be “normally distributed”, how to assess normality, how to test for normality, and how to transform non-normal data into normal data.

Normality Tests and normality transformations are a combination of graphical and numerical methods that have been in use for many decades. These methods are essential to apply whenever a statistical test or method is used whose fundamental assumption is that the inputted data is normally distributed.

Normality “testing” involves creating a “normal probability plot” and calculating simple statistics for comparison to critical values in published tables. A normality “transformation” involves making simple changes to each of the raw-data values, such that the resulting values are more normally distributed than the original raw data.

Evaluation of the results of “tests” and “transformations” involves some objective and some subjective decisions; this webinar provides guidance on both types of decision making.

Areas Covered in the Session :

Regulatory requirements

Binomial distribution

Historical origin of the Normal distribution

Normal distribution formula, histogram, and curve

Validity of Normality transformations

Necessity for transformation to Normality

How to use Normality transformations

Normal Probability Plot

How to evaluate Normality of raw data and transformed data

Significance tests for Normality

Evaluating the results of a Normality test

Recommendations for implementation

Recommended reference textbooks

Who Will Benefit:

QA/QC Departments

Process Engineering Departments

Manufacturing Engineering Departments

QC/QC Technicians

Manufacturing Technicians


Research & Development Engineers

Organized by: Compliance Trainings
Invited Speakers:

John Zorich has spent 35 years in the medical device manufacturing industry; the first 20 years were as a "regular" employee in the areas of R&D, Manufacturing, QA/QC, and Regulatory; the last 15 years were as consultant in the areas of QA/QC and Statistics. His consulting clients in the area of statistics have included numerous start-ups as well as large corporations such as Boston Scientific, Novellus, and Siemens Medical

Deadline for Abstracts: 2016-06-23

For more information about this event please visit



E-mail: suzzane.d@compliancetrainings.com
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