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Course in Mitochondrial Medicine

  July 30, 2014  
MEET PROJECT, University Residential Centre of Bertinoro (Ce.U.B), Bertinoro di Romagna, Italy
1-3 December, 2014

Arrival day: Sunday November 30

Monday, December 1


Mitochondrial Determinants of Diseases



Chairman: M. Rugolo (UNIBO, Italy)




08.00 – 09.30             Registration to the course


09.30 – 10.30             E. Schon                                 Keynote Lecture   


10.30 – 11.00                Coffee Break


11.00 – 12.00                J. Montoya                           Mitochondrial genetic system: mutations in mitochondrial



12.00 – 13.00             R. Rizzuto                           Mitochondrial calcium homeostasis.

13.00 – 14.30             Lunch Break


14.30 –15.30                 G. Lenaers                         Involvement of membrane dynamics in mitochondrial          

                                                                                  physiology and pathologies.



Afternoon Sessions : ESR/ER lectures



Chairman: H. Prokish (TUM-MED, Germany)



15.30 – 15.50              ESR 2 S. Trifunov           mtDNA deletionsaccumulation and their clonal 

   expansion in tumorigenesis and neurodegeneration



15.50 – 16.10              ESR 5 L. Mataković       Cofactor deficiency in mitochondrial diseases




16.10 – 16.30               ESR 6 M. Pezet                  Investigation of the mechanism underpinning the inheritance              

                                                                           of mitochondrial DNA

16.30 – 17.00            Coffee Break

17.00 – 17.20             ESR 7 M. Giunta           Modifying factors in reversible mitochondrial disease /

                                                                                 zebrafish as a model system in RNA metabolism deficiencies


17.20 – 19.00            Poster Viewing Session



Tuesday, December 2


Mitochondria in cancer


Chairman: B. Kofler ( SALK, Austria)



09.00 – 10.00             Y. Bai                          The role of mitochondrial DNA mutation and mitochondrial                             

                                                                        dysfunction in tumorigenesis  


10.00 – 11.00             R. Rossignol                 Metabolic Remodeling induced by the oncogenic HRASG12V


11.00 – 11.30             Coffee Break


11.30 –  12.30                E. White                       Importance of autophagy in mitochondria metabolism and                                                        



12.30 – 12.50             ESR 1 R. Vatrinet       Targeting CI as an anticancer strategy


12.50 – 14.30             Lunch Break


Afternoon Sessions : ESR/ER lectures



Chairman: I. Holt (MRC-NIMR, UK)



14.30 – 14.50             ESR 4 S. Vidali                                   Metabolic targeting of solid cancers


14.50 – 15.10             ER 3 O.  Lytovchenko                       Mitochondrial transport in cancer and normal             



15.10 – 15.30             ESR 8 E. Holzerova                          Respiratory complexes assembly and mitochondrial           

                                                                                                  lipid metabolism



15.30 – 15.50             ESR 9 L. Sanchez Caballero          Structure, function and assembly defects of cI:                                              

                                                                                                 comprehensive identification and  characterization       

                                                                                                 of  cI chaperones


15.50 – 16.20             Coffee Break


16.20                              Social activity



Wednesday, December 3


Chairman: P. Chinnery ( UNEW, UK)


Molecular strategies for diseases treatment


09.00 – 10.00             C. T.  Moraes               The use of mitochondrial nucleases to change mtDNA


10.00 – 11.00             J. Guy                          Return from the darkside : the Lhon gene therapy trial 

11.00 – 11.30             Coffee Break


11.30 –12.30                  H. Jacobs                    Alternative respiratory chain enzymes: a possible therapy for  

                                                                            mitochondrial dysfunction


12.30 – 12.50             ESR 11 E. Iannetti     Automated quantitative high-content and high-throughput

                                                                            analysis of mitochondrial morphology and membrane potential            

12.50 – 14.30             Lunch Break




Afternoon Sessions : ESR/ER lectures




Chairman: R. Horvath (UNEW, UK)



14.30 – 14.50             ESR 12 S. Foriel                Drosophila as a model to study therapeutical approaches for

                                                                                  mitochondrial diseases


14.50 – 15.10             ESR 13 M.  Mennuni        Manipulating segregation of human mitochondrial DNA

15.10 – 15.30             ER 10 U. Cagin               Nuclear adaptation to mitochondrial dysfunction


15.30 – 15.50             ER 14  M. Aoun               Cellular and animal models for the study of mitochondrial

       dysfunctions in Neurodegeneration with Brain Iron



15.50 – 16.20             Coffee Break

16:20-16.40                   P. Sant’ Antonio               IMP and Mitocon Presentations    


16:40-17:00                                                             Best Posters Ceremony



Conclusions and departure of outside-partnership participants










Organized by: MEET Consortium
Invited Speakers:

J. Guy (University of Miami, USA), J. Montoya (Universidad de Saragoza, Spain), H.T. Jacobs (University of Tampere, Finland), G. Lenaers (Montpellier University, France), C.T. Moraes (University of Miami, USA), R. Rizzuto (University of Padua, Italy), R. Rossignol (University of Bordeaux, France), E. Schon (Columbia University, Usa), E. White (Rutgers Cancer Institute, NJ, USA), Y. Bai (Columbia University, USA).


Deadline for Abstracts: 2014-08-29

The course is open only to 20 external students.

Thanks to the support of the European Commission, MEET offers 20 fellowships covering the 

registration fee and full board accommodation during the course (only travel expenses will be not 

covered by MEET). Curricula will be evaluated by the MEET Board composed by: Dr. Annamaria 

Porcelli (UNIBO), Dr. Valeria Tiranti ( BESTA), Dr. Barbara Kofler (SALK), Dr. Valerio Carelli 


Applicants for fellowships must submit their request together with CV, a reference letter and an 

abstract for posters to serena.paterlini2@unibo.it and to marialuisa.russo4@unibo.it .

Deadline for sending application: August 29, 2014 at 18.00 (Bruxelles Time)Course Venue and transportation:

The University Residential Centre of Bertinoro (www.ceub.it) is located 80 km away from Bologna 

International Airport (BLQ). Concerning your flight reservation, please consider that two shuttle 

buses will leave from Bologna airport to the Course Venue.

If you are interested in the shuttle bus from Bologna to the course venue, please specify in the field 

note of your registration on line which one you are interested in and your flight details (number and 

arrival time). Your confirmation is compulsory in order to get the service!

For info please write to: rpartisani@ceub.it

E-mail: rpartisani@ceub.it
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