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Workshop on Biology of Social Cognition

  December 06, 2011  
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor, NY
July 11- July 17, 2012

The past few years have seen remarkable advances in our knowledge of the genetic, molecular, and neural factors that contribute to social behavior. At the same time, sophisticated analytical and theoretical approaches have helped to make sense of the data. This week-long workshop aims to provide a comprehensive overview of these topics. Whilst the emphasis will be on social cognition in humans, there will also be study days dedicated to state-of-the-art presentations on comparative approaches and evolutionary models. Finally, all themes will be related to the clinical consequences of dysfunctional social cognition, and the role of translational research. The course will include introductory seminars on key themes, offered every morning. There will be afternoons devoted largely to practical sessions that provide hands-on experiments in consultation with seminar leaders, rounded off by after-supper keynote lectures by leading scientists that reflect cutting-edge and future views related to our theme for that day. Ample breaks will allow time not only for informal interactions between lecturers and students, but also for reading, swimming, tennis and other outdoor activities available at the Center.

David Amodio: Social cognition and emotion
Sarah-Jayen Blakemore: Deveiopment of social cognition
Lawrence Cahill: Sex differences in emotional processing
Ian Couzin: Evolution of collective behaviour
David Skuse: The biology of social cognition in autistic disorders

Student Discussion: What is the contribution of genes to human social behavior? moderated by Jonathan Sebat, David Skuse and Thomas Bourgeron


Organized by: David Skuse, Jason Mitchell
Invited Speakers:

Speakers & Topics:

James Blair: psychopathy
Thomas Bourgeron: autism genetics
Fiery Cushman: the moral faculty: domain specificity, neural circuitry and universality
Jay Giedd: neuroimaging of the developing brain
James Haxby:face processing
Kim Huhman: conditioned defeat in hamsters
Tetsuro Matsuzawa: social cognition in primates
Jason Mitchell: investigating theory of mind
Robin Murray: social cognition and major mental illness
Kevin Ochsner: regulation of emotion and social cognition
Elizabeth Phelps: emotion and cognition
Antonio Rangel: preferences, economics and the social brain
Robert Schultz: the neural basis of autism
Jonathan Sebat: copy number variants
Philip Shaw: genes, brain and behaviour
David Skuse: x-linked genes and social cognition
Lawrence Young: pair bonding in voles

Deadline for Abstracts: April 15, 2012





E-mail: meetings@cshl.edu
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